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Video: Nintendo Shows Off Photos With Mario in New Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Have a Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel video, as a bonus

Earlier this week we told you about the launch of the official Photos With Mario website, with some tongue-in-cheek comments about Nintendo of America finally remembering that it had released the download in the US. The rather nice web page has demonstration videos, attractive design and details on the Target-exclusive special edition $10 eShop top-up cards — if you fancy new AR cards and some eShop funds, they could be a decent option.

Nintendo has now released a pretty reasonable trailer for the app, explaining what it is and showing some of its features in action. As is appropriate for this title's stumbling history, however, at the time of writing the YouTube video in question has the snappy title "Photos With Mario Trailer v12 h264 2" — we expect that'll get edited soon enough.

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It gives a nice look at the free download, in any case, and as a bonus Nintendo of America has also posted a Wii U-focused trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes; it's actually the same as the reveal trailer, but gives you an excuse to catch up if you missed it first time around.

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mystman12 said:

Hmm, I might pick up a card or two when I go to get Mario Kart 8, since I'm low on eShop funds right now.



KodyDawg said:

Oh, THAT'S why it hasn't been advertised at all on the eShop! What a clever strategy (in a way, at least). Getting people to buy the actual cards and giving them the QR Code inside!



Kyloctopus said:

Can't even buy this in Canada.
What's the benefit of a Target in Canada when you don't even get all their products?



dmc79 said:

Those AR cards are super cool. And is the new Disney infinity 2.0 game Nintendo Wii U exclusive?



Assassinated said:

Ten dollars for one card? What's the difference between these, and the AR cards that came with the system?



Darthziggy said:

Totally thought from initial info that the set of 3 cards was going to be $10 total. But $10 each? No way. I have my giant AR card from Club Nintendo that I don't use already. I'll stick with that one.



dAviD7 said:

lol guys stop raging about the card prices and just print a copy from an online image or point your DS at you computer screen



RedYoshi999 said:

Guys, it's not $10 for one card. It's $10 for $10 of eShop credit, which includes a bonus card... Nobody said you had to buy them for the cards.



A1234 said:

just went to Target. employee had no idea what I was talking about (nice!). he did a search in the system, nothing listed. he did an online search, found the Nintendo Photos with Mario website. he mentioned Target does not have it yet (nice!), but I can buy them through Nintendo's website (cool! but, why is it "Target exclusive" then?). got home, did my own search on Target's website, nothing listed. looked at Nintendo's online store and of course it is not there. very nice Nintendo/Target! great job!

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