Last week Photos With Mario launched with no fanfare, as Nintendo of America placed it on the U.S. store and said, "oh, there's a thing for you, if you want it". It didn't even get a mention in the company's official Download Update, simply left on the eShop unloved and alone.

Of course, some gamers have shown some love for the free app, and we even gave it the hands on impressions treatment so that it didn't feel entirely left out. Happily, Nintendo has remembered that it released the app, launching an official website with some demonstration videos and nice images. It also shows us the collectible AR cards that will be on sale at Target from 28th May — these are actually bundled with special edition $10 eShop fund cards. In a sense they're free extras, assuming you want that $10 of credit in the first place.

It's a nice way to collect the cards in any case, even if you can simply cheat and point the 3DS camera at a web page with the scanned cards. It's OK, Photos With Mario, you're finally getting a bit more attention.

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