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Weirdness: This Power Mitt Oven Glove Has Secured Over $18,000 in Funding

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Supply and demand, apparently

Some strange things get successfully crowdfunded, and this Power Mitt Oven Glove project may be among the most bizarre to date. Based on the Power Glove, as you can see, it seems like one of the most extravagant oven mitts that money can buy.

You need a decent amount of money to get one, too. Available via an Indiegogo campaign, the glove and shipping is $39 in the U.S., $59 in Canada and $74 for international orders — 8 international orders have been placed at the time of writing. It's far more detailed than a similar effort by Fangamer, and is the work of Pete Hottelet; he's done prop work for major movies such as Fight Club and Anchorman. The Indiegogo was simply launched to fund a production run for those keen enough to own one, but has already passed its $18,000 goal with over 30 days remaining.

Retro-themed kitchen good are in demand, clearly. You can see the trailer below, though its attempts at irony — we assume? — may be a tad offensive to modern men and women that aren't pretending it's the 1950s.

So is this rad, bad, or rad and bad? Depends on your definition of 'bad'.

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ThomasBW84 said:

@unrandomsam That would be hard with a campaign that launched well over a week ago

I was just waiting to see whether it'd get anywhere near its total, and it's done that with ease.



DreamOn said:

Well after taking the biscuits out of the oven I might just be tempted to leave that mitt on



sleepinglion said:

This was awesome... I loved the ad.
I'd like to pick one up if the price goes down a bit. If nothing else it makes a spiffy Nintendo collectible that looks easier to wear than the real thing!



Obito_Sigma said:

I'd love to buy one, but it probably costs more than a real Power Glove. It is too much to ask for a Power Glove or R.O.B figure that has been sitting in someone's closet for 30 years? I'll even pay money for it, if that makes a difference for $5 or $10.

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