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Video: New Child of Light 'Making Of' Focuses on Main Character and Narrative

Posted by Tim Latshaw

"A modern fairy tale"

The Ubisoft Montreal team behind Child of Light has not been hiding their game under a bushel, no, but letting aspects of their project shine all the way up to its coming release. Not that any opportunity to gawk at the game's remarkable visuals is unwelcome.

The latest "Making Of" video takes a few minutes to discuss Aurora, Child of Light's fiery-haired main protagonist, and the decisions made in rhyming and narration in regard to the story:

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Child of Light will be arriving on the Wii U eShop at the end of the month, and you can expect our review to see whether this tale comes to a pleasant ending. In the meantime, you can look back at previous "making of" videos here and here.


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Dreamz said:

Really nice to see Nintendo post this on their main channel. I can feel the 3rd party love!



bizcuthammer said:

I may end up getting this if it is good. The Wii U needs more RPGs. I'm not a huge fan of the art style, but if the gameplay is good enough, i can get over it.



Mikes said:

Interesting. I'm buying this as soon as I have the time to play a game.



FX102A said:

I wanted to play this on Wii U but unfortunately there was no deluxe edition for it. Maybe I'll double dip during the next big Ubisoft sale as the Gamepad controls seem to be the most intuitive.



mamp said:

I'll wait for a review as I do with any game that looks interesting to me but I know not much about.



Jared1984 said:

I really want to play this on the Wii U, I haven't touched the console since I finished Super Mario 3D World in November. But because of Nintendo's moronic account policies I'll be getting it on the PS3. It's 2014 and your downloadable games are tied to a console and not an account.

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