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Thu 13th Jun 2013

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Jared1984 commented on Video: New Child of Light 'Making Of' Focuses ...:

I really want to play this on the Wii U, I haven't touched the console since I finished Super Mario 3D World in November. But because of Nintendo's moronic account policies I'll be getting it on the PS3. It's 2014 and your downloadable games are tied to a console and not an account.



Jared1984 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

@JaxonH You can use external hard drives on the ps3 and x box 360 but they still offer large internal hard drives. I have no idea why Nintendo gets a pass for that bs. 32gb was a joke back in 2006 and it's a sick joke now. I guarantee you there will be a much larger hd model coming. Another guarantee just for fun, they'll improve the game pad within the next two years. Longer battery life and larger screen. Maybe a multi touch screen, although that's much less likely.



Jared1984 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@Turbo857 OR Nintendo could release a Wii U with a reasonable amount of storage space. Na your right I'll just buy an external hard drive. I mean it'd be nice to spend that money on a game or two. I'm such a selfish person, wanting a $300 plus gaming console to have more then 32gb hard drive.



Jared1984 commented on Nintendo To Focus On Struggling Markets In The...:

@Einherjar There's going to be a price cut within the next 6 months. Nintendo doesn't have a choice. $350 for a 32G, underpowered Wii U with piss poor 3rd party support or $400 for a 500G, significantly more powerful console with amazing 3rd party support. It's just common sense.