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News: Insanity's Blade Gets Audiovisual and Gameplay Overhaul

Posted by Jake Shapiro

A fresh coat of paint on the entire hack-and-slash game

Canadian studio Causal Bit Games has totally revamped the art assets, music, game mechanics, and level design of its upcoming arcade-inspired hack-and-slash Wii U eShop title, Insanity's Blade. In a blog post on the company's website, lead developer Chris Obritsch writes:

With the addition of the second player, we’ve decided that the old Nintendo styled stages were no longer going to work. We’ve made them all more arcade or SNES like in order to accommodate both players on screen, no chance of getting stuck behind a million walls!

With the rebuilding of the stages came a ton of all new graphics and effects. Stage one, as you will see in the video below, has had many additions made to it aside of the new level layout. Stages like the plagued city and the graveyard which were originally wall jump heavy, have now been stretched out with minimal wall climbing parts and way more action. Wall climbing is easier with single player and causes a lot of issues between players falling and jumping when near the bottom or top of screen.

Also, the heroes have been updated with a grab button. You can now toss zombies freely through the air as well as the addition moves that came with grabbing certain zombies like using an arm as a weapon, tearing a zombie in half over your head or mashing it’s neither regions with your boots.

Full sound and proper music has also been added in game now.

Also – you’ll notice in the video we’ve added widescreen support!

Along with the blog update came a new gameplay video:

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Causal Bit hasn't announced a release date for Insanity's Blade, but in the meantime you can check out our in-depth interview with the developer. Will you be picking this one up once it's unleashed upon the eShop?


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ogo79 said:

yes, yes they did re haul the game, basically 3 times now, this goes to show how serious these guys are. hell yes ill be getting this game. heres hoping the other 2 games in the series prosper.
"mashing it’s neither regions with your boots."
i do that everyday, so doing this in a game is like clockwork to me.



GamerGleek47 said:

How come NL hasn't posted an article about this "Smash Bros. 6" developed by Namco and Nintendo an coming out IN 2015!?!? Please Nintendo! Don't delay it!!!



Nomad said:

Great move. This games looking better each time I see it. Can't wait to get it.



Action51 said:

See now the big publishers could learn something from this small indie...revise your games BEFORE you release them, cough EA cough Blizzard



Emblem said:

@GamerGleek47 You realize we are currently on 4 right? That post was by a consultant at Namco Bandai and implied the sequel would be here by the end of next year which would mean they are working on 4,5(3DS version) and 6 at the same time. I expect it was a mistake on several levels, In any case wait until the direct tonight for solid info and not rumours.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, I like how the original level music fitted the theme of this game. The new one doesen't. I like the overhauled graphics though.

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