Well hello.

Last year, Canadian studio Causal Bit Games successfully kickstarted the excellently-named Insanity's Blade, a tribute to the 8-bit hack-and-slash platformers of yesteryear.

Boasting action and RPG elements and 18 different levels to conquer, the game also features a VCR6-based soundtrack which is as close as possible to the original NES audio. The crowd-funding drive for Insanity's Blade was unique in that it wasn't to actually make the game, but instead raised the funds to polish the gameplay and add new features.

The developer has now confirmed that it has been granted official Wii U developer status, and that Insanity's Blade will be leaving its mark on the Wii U eShop soon.

The title certainly has the NES look and feel nailed pretty successfully, and the team has listened to feedback gained from the PC-based demo to refine the core gameplay. Hopefully Wii U owners won't have to wait too long to find out if the game is worth playing.