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Latest Mega Man 2.5D Beta Adds New Single Player and Co-Op Stages

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The Blue Bomber owes much to fans

Last year we directed your attention to the Mega Man 2.5D fan project, yet another game dedicated to the Capcom mascot in the absence of official alternatives. Its rather smart twist is in the name, as it plays with perspective and camera angles to give the traditional 2D play more depth.

It also brought Mega Man and Proto Man together for local co-op play, and the first beta release for PC used that mechanic within a recreation of Shadow Man's stage in Mega Man 3. That NES title is also the subject of the latest beta release, with a Snake Man stage having been added. That's available in local co-op, but a notable new feature in the new build is the option to play both stages in single player, while Shadow Blade and Search Snake special weapons have also been added.

You can download the latest beta and learn all about the game on the official website; there's also a new trailer below, so let us know what you think.

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B-Squared said:

If only Capcom would at least do SOMETHING with Mega Man. At least the fans (and Nintendo as far as Smash Bros. is concerned) give the Blue Bomber some love. Looks interesting at the very least.



Shiryu said:

It's OK if Capcom doesn't take care of you, Blue Bomber. We the fans will.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While i'm not interested in playing beta versions i've gotta say the trailer doesn't look half bad.
And co-op in a Mega Man game? Why wasn't this in Mega Man 9 and 10?
This would surely look good with the 3D effect on the 3DS.



R_Champ said:


Haha, I think that's fair. Most old game's difficulty comes from little or NO checkpoints, lack of lives, and tons of memorization. You die? Go ALLLLL the way back to the beginning (but don't forget that disappearing block right near the end, and the special weapon you need to beat the boss, oh, and the fifty insta-kill spike pits). I don't mind it too much, but I agree SNES and beyond is much more accessible.

Not a surprise fans decided to make their own Megaman though. Most ignored series get this kind of treatment. SE's Chrono series got a fan spinoff, but SE caught wind of it and shut it down (granted, it wasn't very good IMO).



sinalefa said:


I beat Megaman 3 because I abused the save states. Instadeath spikes? I have instarespawn button! Maybe later I will beat it the normal way.

And without Inafune, I don't want Capcom to do any other Megaman game. I am a Becker now.



Tasuki said:

@sinalefa: Funny thing is Inafune said if he could come to an agreement with Capcom he would redo Might No. 9 into a new Mega Man game.



FriedSquid said:

Looks pretty fun. I'd rather play Mega Man 3 the normal way, but the 2.5D angles is pretty interesting.



WindFish91 said:

I wish Capcom would just sell the rights to the series to someone else already. It's clear that everyone else cares about it more than they do.

The 3D perspective is neat, but I have no interest in actually playing it.



TwilightOniAngel said:

why cant they just make a new mega man game or at least sell the rights to someone who will make it, but not this.



WaveBoy said:

This. I don't care for fan made games, even though this looks well done.
Nintendo should just snatch the mega man franchise off capcom. This is the only way we'll ever see anymore mm games.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Why Capcom hasn't scooped this up I have no idea.

Oh wait, yes I do. Because they've been trying to bury the series for years.

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