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Famitsu Displays Some Etrian-inspired Elements of Persona Q

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Mapping and mega monsters in the mix

Atlus is not hiding the fact that its upcoming 3DS title, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, will mix in gameplay elements from its other portable saga series, Etrian Odyssey. Now, thanks to a teaser from this week's issue of Famitsu, a couple of these elements have been brought into further light.

According to a summary of the teaser image through Siliconera, the dungeon mapping feature Etrian Odyssey is well known for will be included in similar form within Persona Q, letting players draw their own guides on the touch screen to maintain their bearings.

The concept of F.O.E. monsters will also be making the transition between the two franchises. These creatures are considerably tougher than standard monsters found in an area, leaving players to decide whether fight or flight is the best response when one is encountered. However, the Famitsu teaser appears to mention the possibility of some type of special reward for defeating F.O.E.s.

Persona Q will include heroes from Persona 3 and 4 and marks the first appearance of the series on a Nintendo system. The game is planned for a June release in Japan and has been announced for a fall release in North America.

Additional details on Persona Q are likely to emerge as the full issue of Famitsu hits publication. In the meantime, are there other elements from Etrian Odyssey you would like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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HylianJowi said:

I second that: it's a day one buy for me as well. I could only dream of Persona appearing on a Nintendo platform before... Glad to see it become a reality!



Weedy said:

Wait, that playing-card shaped villan, he's got a tin of paint in his hand. I can almost hear him singing; "Painting the roses red, I'm painting the roses red..."



PrincessEevee9 said:

I'm willing to put money down that Smash 4 will drop before this game. Day 1 buy for me and hope that this is just the beginning.



Spoony_Tech said:

Hey who put Etrian in my Persona lol! If it's the engine that makes the game great then im all for it! Love the Etrian series!



Mayker said:

I like the Etrian Odyssey series, but I don't want Persona Q to just be Etrian Odyssey with Persona characters; I want to play a true Persona game, but on my 3DS.



Mayker said:

@ferthepoet I haven't seen a single piece of information regarding social links in Persona Q, which is a big one for me. Even the story isn't quite what I look for in a Persona game. If it lacks the hallmarks of the series, then why even make it a part of that series? That would be like Nintendo making a Mario first person shooter.



GN004Nadleeh said:

i didn't get eto because of having to draw your own map maybe i'll try the demo again but i'm not really liking this



SamirMalik said:

@Denzgd @ferthepoet its a trip down SMT memory lane. Persona 1 - 2.5 on the PS1 did not have social links. That was introduced in SMT: Persona 3. Persona-ly I don't mind a trip back to the classics.

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