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Californian Mobile Developer Robot Invader Expresses Interest In Wii U and 3DS Development

Posted by Liam Doolan

"Maybe someday" for Wind-up Knight

Californian game studio Robot Invader has recently expressed interest in bringing its medieval platform runner Wind-up Knight to the Wii U and 3DS.

A question posed to the Android and iOS developer via its official Twitter account asked if it had any plans to bring Wind-up Knight to the 3DS or Wii U in the near future, suggesting it was a good fit for both platforms.

Robot Invader’s response was a positive one:

“Every one of us has shipped games for various Nintendo platforms, and we'd love to do it. Maybe someday!”

It’s not exactly out of the ordinary for game developers – especially those within the mobile market – to port their games across to other platforms after an initial successful run, so how would you feel about Robot Invader bringing Wind-up Knight – presumably with a few adjustments here and there – across to the 3DS or Wii U?

With over 50 challenging levels, the ability to buy new items and change equipment, and a sequel already on the way, Wind-up Knight seems like an ideal match for Nintendo platforms. If you’re not already sold on the idea, take a look at the iOS and Android version of the game below.

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Sound off in the comments, and maybe Robot Invader can make this request a reality.

Thanks to Jelani for the tip.


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User Comments (16)



DreamOn said:

Nintendo life should tweet this article out to Dan Adelman! He'd love to get a game like this on eShop!



rjejr said:

Well I suppose "Maybe someday" is a step in the right direction from "Probably not, tbh..."

Who knows, maybe someday NL will actually be able to post an article about a Tweet that a game is IN development for Wii U. Maybe some day.

At least we know when somebody develops a game for Wii U some day it will be rated.



divinelite said:

Ive read some new developer here in nl but where are their game

Remember AE games?



PanurgeJr said:

@divinelite Yes, I do. It is brilliant marketing by a one-man studio three weeks ago who was in the initial stages of development. You need to give him more than a month to finish.



sinalefa said:

Waiting for @MAB and his mandatory "Clockwork Knight is much better than this anyway " post.

Well, call me when you have made up your mind.



ogo79 said:

robot invader?
im sorry but whats up with all these random game company names these days?



IronMan28 said:

Looks good, I'd probably buy it if it came to Wii U. Can't buy on mobile right now, I'm about to switch from Android back to Apple and I'm not bothering with either one until i make the switch.



unrandomsam said:

@sinalefa 2D Pixel based stuff should use Clockwork Knight (Or Astal) as the benchmark of whether it is acceptable (Years after the fact I don't think making sure it looks as good is too much to expect). Unfortunately they all seem to go for NES era style which was not even acceptable at the time. (The Arcades had much nicer looking games).



unrandomsam said:

Mobile version uses in app purchases so I won't be getting it on any platform.

(If it was just a proper game for a set cost with proper controller support I might have bought it no way I will now on principle).

"Note: if you are mega awesome it is possible to unlock all the levels in this game for free. If you prefer to pay a few bucks to unlock levels, that's cool too." scumbag.



Action51 said:

@unrandomsam use SNK 90s arcade era as the benchmark.

Games like Metal Slug and Blazing Star, and King of Fighters look great even by today's standards.

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