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These Charming Animal Crossing: New Leaf Posters Are Available Now On Club Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Only in North America, though

The Club Nintendo offerings in all regions occasionally throw up some real treats, and we think these Animal Crossing: New Leaf posters certainly fall into that category. They've popped up on the North American Club Nintendo with a cost of 500 coins, and they may just be worth it.

Your hard earned coins can get you both posters; one features some of the best-known characters from the game, while the other apparently shows all of the animals, which would explain why it's so darn large. Some details below are from the product page.

  • Big, 22” X 28” posters
  • Ships in a poster tube to help prevent creases and damage

These are still in stock at the time of writing and are only available in North America. Check them out in the images above and below and let us know if you plan to place an order.

Thanks to Maelstrom for the tip.


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Noonch said:

I ordered a set, I never have enough coins for the big stuff. So I might as well.



sinalefa said:

I will think about it. I ordered the game case not long ago, it should arrive any day now.



AdanVC said:

Damn it! Too bad I'm from Mexico and Nintendo doesn't care about us or Latin America at all



SphericalCrusher said:

Those are really nice, but I've drained all of my coins on both of those 3DS game card cases, couple of Pikmin 3 bags, the Zelda Link Between Worlds poster set, and that 3DS XL charge cradle. lol



ejamer said:

Awesome! Sadly, I spent the majority of my coins on two of the 3DS cases recently and can't afford it. Realistically, the posters probably wouldn't be used anyway so it's not that bad.



Pokefanmum82 said:

last time i got a poster set my kids destroyed them so i am not going to even bother getting these



NintendoFTW1999 said:

Just bought some - time to add them to my growing collection of Nintendo posters from the Nintendo Power Mario Guide, Club Nintendo, and various posters from Prima Game Guides shamelessly and proudly displayed on my bedroom wall. Man, Club Nintendo rocks. Especially the free shipping. It's like really good icing on top of a delicious cake of product marketing incentives cleverly disguised as rewards. Hey, the strategy works! I will admit I once bought a game to get more club Nintendo coins... (I justify it because the coins brought me up to platinum status. That's ok reasoning, right?)

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