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Spin the Bottle DLC Update and Increased Price Detailed and Dated

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We are basically trying to do 'DLC’s done right'"

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is an intriguing game in a number of ways; not only does it utilise the GamePad and Wii Remotes for quirky minigames, but developer KnapNok Games wasted little time in stating that it'd be incorporating a DLC pricing model to reward early adopters. It may have taken a little time for these additional mini-games to come through, but details of a release date and a price increase have now been confirmed.

Rather than offer DLC as paid extra-content, there'll be a free update to existing owners that'll include extra content and some "tweaks and fixes"; it'll arrive on 13th February in North America and Europe. Once this update is released, however, the price of the game will increase on the eShop, going from $8.99 / €6.99 to $11.99 / €8.99. It's a model rarely — almost never — used on consoles, but is likely to be relatively familiar to smart device gamers — early adopters are rewarded with free additional content as time progresses, while those late to the party pay extra for the improved product.

Details on the update, from the press release, are below.

The update will include:

  • The six new minigames that lets you photograph, tickle, twist and mime for each other, bringing the total number of minigames up to 23.
  • We are taking pictures of you while you play! View them later in the gallery for laughter or embarrassment.
  • Lots of new bonus challenges added for even more variation.
  • TV settings: finally you can decide what is shown on the TV by choosing between classic, campfire, clone or camera mode.
  • Plus lots of small tweaks and fixes

New mini games:

Act like an Animal
A classical charades game! The GamePad shows a picture of an animal, one player has to mime it, the partner have to guess it. Can you mime a gorilla, a kangaroo or a crab? What about a unicorn, worm or a T-Rex?

Put your Hat on
Use the GamePad screen and camera to search around the room for virtual hats placed in the air. One player positions themselves with the hat on their head. The partner simply has to take a picture.

Footie Ball
A game of two, playing ball on the GamePad, using only their feet.

Don’t Laugh
In this game the two players are playing against the audience. The goal of the players is to look into the camera and not laugh. The goal of the audience is do everything they can in order to stop the players doing just so.

Body Twister
Player A holds the GamePad on their knee, player B touches the screen with their elbow. Player A holds the GamePad on their stomach, player B touches the screen with their nose. Player A holds the GamePad on their shoulder, player B touches the screen with their butt.

Nature Photographer
In nature photographer two players holds the GamePad at the same time standing shoulder to shoulder. They now have to search the room for a butterfly and take pictures of it. This requires tight communication and coordinated movement.

Are you a current or prospective Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party owner? If so let us know what you think of this update and the increased pricing policy.

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shaneoh said:

Once released I bet Australia will get charged the increased price despite not being able to buy it before the update :/



alLabouTandroiD said:

Good to know. I'll download it before February 13th then.
Maybe others who are still undecided will also be convinved to finally download the game until then.
I don't think they're doing themselves any favors in regards to appealing to players that get a Wii U after that date though.



rjejr said:

I like the Toki Tori 2 model better - when you have additional DLC or an update you put the original product on sale so people buy it. If someone hasn't purchased it already at $8.99 I highly doubt a few extra minigames will make more people want to pay $3 more. Front page eShop space seems to be extremely limited, gotta get your sales when you can.

Though if they offer it for $4.99 for a week Feb 13 then go up to $11.99 for the extra 25% worth of levels I guess that would make sense. Knowing the limited Wii U install base wouldn't inspire confidence in me to raise my price for any reason though.



sinalefa said:


I agree with you. That structure they have now may reward early adopters, but people who are just getting a Wii U have no way of getting this at the lower price.

I also wonder what will be the top (or final) price, as it is very common to see people complaining when an eShop game meets or exceeds the $15 price tag.



SKTTR said:

There's still 3 weeks left until the price rises (it's only 2€ more then).
If people really want this game so badly, they should get a Wii U.
2 bucks doesn't really make a difference, especially when the price point is so low to begin with.
Most people don't really care if they buy a game for 67,99€ or 69,99€. Why should they now?
Seeing the new content in the update, 2 bucks is reasonable.

Ah, and the game is really fun and unique for a party game. If you have 4 or more players around it's worth a try.



Sean_Aaron said:

I've been looking forward to this update for awhile - sounds great, though can the Gamepad register a clothed buttock impression?



Mahe said:

These games sound like plenty of broken Gamepads to come. Isn't it nice that there's no way to buy a cheap replacement?



SilentHunter382 said:

Its fantastic that they are giving people who have the game already free dlc. Although I rather have them just sell the dlc on its own instead of increasing the price of the main game just because they added the dlc. That's not a good business move.

For example if someone was interested in getting the game on the 12th but had no money on there account and its late at night. They decide to go into town the next day and buy a Nintendo wallet code. They check the e-shop and they noticed that they increased they price. They would be angry that they increased the price even after reading that they added dlc and may not buy the game. I would be the same even if it was only by €2 and this is why they should just release the dlc on its own.



SideScreamer said:

@FineLerv Yes! Months ago, I got a reply from one of the devs off Miiverse, saying something like 'we plan for a release in a month or so'. That was about September.



rumple88 said:

One of my favorite eShop titles. Great for parties. Looking forward to the new additions.

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