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Disney Magic World Sells Half A Million Units In Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

Namco Bandai's Walt simulator is a hit

News has reached our ears that Namco Bandai's 3DS adventure Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life has managed to sell an impressive 500,000 copies across both physical and digital formats in Japan.

The game allows you to take your Mii into the magical kingdom and buddy-up with a cast of famous Disney faces. You can dress your character in a wide range of Disney-themed items, and even run your own cafe. Think Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but with Mickey Mouse.

A North American release is planned for this April, where the game will be retitled Disney Magical World. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know with a comment below.

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Kirk said:

The only other company I can think of that has this many beloved and enduring characters, or at least comes close, is Nintendo.

Edit: Yup, I know there are a few others too, as covered below by other posters, but there's no doubt these are two of the main/big ones and especially relative to their chosen fields.



Daemonite said:

@kirk Are you kidding? Are you forgetting about companies like DC Comics & Marvel creating beloved characters looooooooong before Nintendo even got into videogames? You may know characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Iron Man, and so on and so on....
Then off course there's Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes and co), Hanna Barbera studios (Flinstones, Jetsons, scooby doo, ...), and tons of other companies!!!



brandonbwii said:

Maybe kirk should've implied interesting or family focused characters (sorry, Savant, you kinda lost credibility with me once you brought in Hanna-Barbera).



Daemonite said:

@brandonbwii You may not be a fan of Hanna Barbera, and that's ok... but even you can't deny they created A LOT of well beloved characters and cartoons over the decades... and they are most definitely 'family focused'!!!



brandonbwii said:

True Hannah-Barbera sorta resonates with kids what with cereal ads and all, but their mostly based or more adult centric live-action shows like Honeymooners.



Kirk said:

Edit: Well if Disney owns Marvel and Warner Bros owns DC, as the guy below mentioned, then it still probably comes down to Disney, Warner Bros and Nintendo as the big 3.

I mean obviously Nintendo doesn't come close to those guys in terms of the sheer number of characters they have to choose from, considering those companies span far wider than just video game characters, but after those two multi-media entertainment giants I can't really think of many other companies with so many characters that are as popular and beloved as Nintendo.



MadAdam81 said:

Disney own Marvel and WB own DC - WB kinda gets close, but with the huge amount of stuff Disney own (Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh and all their own stuff), I don't think anyone else really gets that close with possibly 1000 characters that sell like hot cakes.



XFsWorld said:

@MadAdam81 Yeah Disney do own Marvel now. But I still don't get why Warner Bros. published Lego Marvel instead of Disney.

Glad to see my boy Alladin in here, but I'll pass on this game.



TwilightV said:

@SavantSupreme: To be fair, a lot of those companies haven't done much with their characters in almost a decade. Outside of literature and theme parks anyways.



MadAdam81 said:

On topic, my daughter saw the picture and squealed with delight - my 4 year old son will want it too - hopefully it will allow at least 3 different save files, preferably 4 as my wife will also want to play and when my youngest son gets older he will want to play it & if I want to have a go no-one will let me play theirs.



Kirk said:

I can't think of any characters that immediately spring to mind when I think of Fox, although to be fair I don't really know what characters they own...



Daemonite said:

@Kirk "those companies really just have one "type" of character in a thousand different variations"

Interesting, please explain, and how is that any different from Nintendo?



brandonbwii said:

Most Fox animations come from Seth Macfarlane who's material I'm not a personal fan of.

To bring us a bit back on topic, I'm surprised Disney has yet to have characters like Spider-Man, Yoda, and Mickey mingle in one universe.



Kirk said:


Well, in terms of DC and Marvel, it's basically just a list of comic book super heroes/villains. There's just a lot of them because there's literally hundreds-thousands of different comic books these days obviously.

A Mario platform game is nothing like a Pokemon game, for example (not in terms of gameplay, characters, plot or whatever), and the Brawl fighting games are nothing like the Star Fox flying/shooting games, as another example. Professor Layton is nothing like Wave Race, in any way, shape or form...but pretty much all of DC's or Marvel's stuff is about some superheroes fighting some villains. So, the numbers of "beloved" characters is really just a list of DC or Marvel characters in general, if that's how you're looking at it (as in raw numbers).

It's like the X-Men has hundreds of characters alone but that's like saying there's also hundreds of unique characters in the Mario universe too, if you want to get like that about it.

Then there's Pokemon that has over 700 unique monsters and that's not counting all the trainers or other recurring NPC characters...

If you want to get like that about it then Nintendo probably wins actually because it literally has hundreds of different and recurring characters in each of it's franchises/universes. I mean there's even around 30 unique and well defined "main" characters in a racing game like F-Zero for example, with back stories and everything.

Although, doing a quick Wiki search it says there are 7,000+ characters in Marvel's library and growing, and the numbers are similar with DC too, so who knows

But how many of all those characters are truly "beloved" (that have genuine "pulling power" and can and do sell movies, games, cartoons, toys etc, in their multi-millions and are generally recognizable around the world) as I was getting at in my original post...?



Emblem said:

Without knowing when it was released its hard to know what to make of these numbers.



LoveSugoi said:

This game is looking more and more appealing by the day. My Mii is TOTALLY getting that Minnie costume.

Half a million in half a year certainly isn't as impressive as the numbers usually seen for big titles like MH and Pokemon but it's still a good haul. I can see this doing bigger business in the West given the power of the Disney brand here and I've already seen more non-Nintendo centric websites reporting the initial announcement than I thought I would.



64supermario said:

Should be more fun than the Kinect version...uh that thing was ridiculously awful, good thing I didn't have to pay for it haha!



Daemonite said:

Yes, Nintendo has franchises in different genres. Same can be said about DC for example: There are different lines of books! First DC Universe (Superhero-stuff superman, batman, etc), Vertigo (more adult oriented books like Fables), Wildstorm (Smaller and indie books) and DC Nation (for kids).
Just like Marvel has different studios, and pretty much every other company. So Nintendo isn't exactly doing something 'one of a kind' in that regard.

"But how many of all those characters are truly "beloved" (that have genuine "pulling power" and can and do sell movies, games, cartoons, toys etc, in their multi-millions and are generally recognizable around the world) as I was getting at in my original post...?"

Ever heard of MOVIES such as 'the Avengers', 'The Dark Knight' , GAMES like the Batman Akham series, Marvel vs Capcom, Injustice, CARTOONS like Teen Titans(go), Batman: Brave & the bold, Young Justice.
Face it, Nintendo has... well, pretty much just games, nothing else.
Nintendo are miles behind several other entertainment companies.



Kirk said:


Ok...Let me put it slightly differently...

1. Disney is the leader in it's field, feature films (that's what it's universally most famous/known for), in terms of having more truly beloved and enduring characters than any other animation company.

2. Nintendo is the leader in it's filed, video games, in terms of having more truly beloved and enduring characters than any other video game company.

When you think of companies with a really strong library of beloved and enduring characters to count on, that most of it's current entertainment properties and ventures still take advantage of and will do for years to come, you immediately think of Disney and Nintendo as two of the very top examples in the world.

That's kinda what I was really getting at in my original post.

Sure, there's other companies with massive libraries of hugely popular characters too; DC, Marvel, Hanna-Barbera etc...

Marvel is however owned by Disney, so that still fits into point 1. and Warner Bros would be up there too, especially now that it owns DC, but you don't think of Warner Bros in the same way as it's more well known as one of the major movie studios and not really as a company that's all about it's beloved and enduring characters, even though it most certainly has them in abundance and especially with DC now under it's belt. Hanna-Barbera has a few enduring characters that are still popular in the mainstream for sure but not like Disney or Nintendo imo and it doesn't even pop up on most people's radars these days, in terms of it's name immediately coming to mind when you think of the most popular, beloved and enduring characters, so it's really not the same thing. Same goes for Fox, who I don't even know any "characters" you really associate with it as a brand other than maybe Aliens, if that's even a Fox owned brand (something tells me it probably is though based on the logo always popping up at the start of any Aliens games as I recall).

So, I still go back to Disney and Nintendo for the main point about having these almost untouchable collections of beloved and enduring characters, all things being relative.

Does that make sense to you now in terms of what I'm saying?



Barbiegurl777 said:

Does anyone know the block size for Disney Magical World - 3DS planning on downloading it.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Player4 said:

Off topic: Now that you mention Kingdom Hearts, I'd really like to see a Nintendo RPG.

Edit: Nvm, nobody mentioned KH..



divinelite said:

@Player4 dont worry. Nintendo will got Kingdom Hearts again... Only on 3ds.
I've finished the kh 3d, now I just need kh 3 on ps4



freaksloan said:

Can't wait for this game to hit the States. My two favorite things, Disney and Nintendo!



Windy said:

Can't wait for this! Ive had my eyes on this and Fantasy Life a longtime. We get Disney Now Level 5 it's your turn. April seems so far off.

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