Heroes Trailer 2

Earlier this year we told you about Harmony of Heroes, a Smash Bros. fan album from the same group that led the Harmony of a Hunter Metroid music projects. Like those albums, when this offering arrives in 2014 it'll be a free download, with a dedicated website to be setup soon.

As a number of months had passed since the reveal, Project Director 

Darren Kerwin has now issued a press release and new trailer for the album; below is an excerpt.

As Harmony of Heroes progressed, I have spoken to lots of Super Smash Bros fans, ranging from the casual player, to the dedicated and competitive. Some are playing Smash competitively with characters and moves that are widely known and respected in competitive tournament play, or more casually, with obscure characters they love. Sometimes it's a mix of both, and that has shown me that no matter what your skill level, everyone can enjoy this series of games. I have seen that the Smash Bros community is a diverse and fun place to be, and this has been a focus point in the music for Harmony of Heroes.

Our previous albums, Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run had a variety of genres to suit a wide range of musical tastes and we are applying the same approach to Heroes. We are offering music to suit the broad range of characters and franchises connected with the Smash Bros universe. We have the support of many different types of musicians who express themselves differently, which will offer music in ways that you may not be expecting.

While some music follows closely to the original source, we haven't been afraid to take popular themes and take them in a completely different direction. While we are respectful of the source content, we feel it's important to offer a unique experience to those fans. Our most recent trailer highlights five themes we are working on that should hopefully show the diversity and quality that we are striving for in Harmony of Heroes.

Check out the new trailer below, and those that want to follow the project can also get updates from the official Facebook and Twitter pages. We were certainly fans of the Metroid albums; are you looking forward to this one?