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Competition: The Twelve Days of Animal Crossing Christmas

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

On the twelfth day of Christmas...

Here's a competition that we are offering in conjunction with our friends at Nintendo UK — and is limited to the UK — which is sure to get you into the Christmas mood.

The winner will get £100 eShop credit, while four runners up will each get £50 eShop credit.

To enter, simply record a video of you (and your friends) singing our "The Twelve Days of Animal Crossing Christmas" song:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Animal Crossing gave to me
Twelve fireworks a-sparkling,
Eleven trips to Blathers,
Ten rhymes with Kapp'n,
Nine townspeople dancing,
Eight coffees a-brewing,
Seven fish a-swimming,
Six KK songs a-playing,
Five gold bells,
Four new letters,
Three Snow Crabs,
Two fortune cookies,
And a perfect pear in a pear tree.
AND a mortgage I'll never pay!!

Upload your video to the web (using a service such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitvid, for example) and post the link below so that we can check out your entry. If you'd like to get social, feel free to share your video with us on Twitter or on Facebook using the #ACNLChristmas hashtag to help us find your post.

Entries will be considered up to 20th December (midnight UK time), with the winners to be chosen and announced on Xmas Eve.

Note: This competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom only

This competition has now ended. Thanks to everyone who entered. The winners will be announced on Christmas Eve.

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antonvaltaz said:

What's the criteria? Hopefully not singing in tune, or I've no chance.

And what if you've no friends?!



SkywardLink98 said:

Is the winner selected based off of who sings the best, or is it random? Not that I can enter, I live in the US.



Dazza said:

To answer some Qs:

  • feel free to sing solo if you can't pursuade any friends to join you
  • the £100 price will be paid in 10x £10 eShop vouchers!
  • the winners will be selected on a purely subjective basis. i.e. the vids we feel has the best singing, or outfits, or is funniest, etc... Whatever makes you stand out basically


Vriska said:

Would the vouchers be given to the winner as codes? Because if I'm getting my friends involved, if we won it'd only be fair to give them a cut of the prize, too.



Dazza said:

@Vriska yep the vouchers will be codes emailed to you. They are in £10 denomination so perfect for sharing



chibihobo said:

Hmm the lyrics don't really fit the 12 days of Christmas song. Lots of the lines have too many syllables and a few of them are missing alliteration.



Trikeboy said:

can I suggest some revised lyrics that fit the song better?

Twelve fireworks a-sparkling, to Twelve fireworks sparkling,

Nine townspeople dancing, to Nine townsfolk dancing,

Eight coffees a-brewing, to Eight coffees brewing

Six KK songs a-playing, to Six KK songs playing,

If not, I'll see what I can do. I'm getting my stage set up.



TenTen said:

Well, here's my entry. I actually don't have a video camera which isn't broken/lost, so I couldn't really film myself singing it.

However, the entire video was made on the 3DS (and put together on movie maker) : I recorded and distorted the vocals (attempting to make them sound like some villagers) on the Sound app, I made the backing track on KORG M01D, and the photos are from New Leaf. I would say enjoy...but it sounds weird, to say the least.



WS200017 said:

Hi, Just a quick question. In the process of production but wondered whether I can submit my entry on the 20th December? Or does it have to be before e.g. midnight the 19th December?



themcster said:

Dear NintendoLife,
Here is my school year group's entry! We had loads of fun making it and all have our fingers crossed for some eshop credit for the WiiU we have in the school hall! 😄


Chris McGivern (year 3 teacher - Mario!!!)



DDFawfulGuy said:

Me and my friend's entry~
Was recorded on my 3DS, so please excuse the quality.
The music on the keyboard was made just by me (in the red), learnt the song just for this competition~
By the way, there's a funnier version that we wish could show you as well, but we can't give multiple entries, can we?
Haha, either way, enjoy~



Dazza said:

Thanks guys, there are some great entries here!

We'll announce the winners on Christmas Eve. Watch this space!

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