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Fri 3rd Aug 2012

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Liam1894 commented on Nintendo Hammers Out A New Update For Super Ma...:

I'm excited with what comes next to Mario Maker - it's addictive just to boot it up and check who's played your level. A filter I agree with, and also - Wii U notifications? Why don't we have this?

Try my level though guys - took me two hours (god knows why) but I'm chuffed with my 'simple' mario level.
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Liam1894 commented on Updated Club Nintendo Game Card Case Now Avail...:

I just used the last of my stars 2 weeks ago! One of these would have been useful (not that I own many ds titles), but I'd like to bring 3DS and DS games with me on travels.

Any smaller alternatives one might suggest online?



Liam1894 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

Ooh the Swapper. I know I got it free on PS plus but I don't think I'll resubscribe any time soon.

Anyone who hasn't tried The Swapper yet, please do...It's beautiful. The atmosphere is dripping, the puzzles are tricky and the story? Well thought out. This is coming from someone who's not finished it yet, and avoiding of spoilers - sooo I like ! The track in 'recreation' still plays in my head.



Liam1894 commented on Feature: A Summary of the Xenoblade Chronicles...:

Yowch, looks complex. Simplify the menus a little bit will you? And include good instructions and information. I'm not looking for hand holding but sometimes I sure appreciate being told that I have to be a certain level to equip something (what puts me off some JRPGs sometimes - buying equipment and figuring out I can't use it).

Might be simpler than it actually is. Now to try fit in playtime of the original!



Liam1894 commented on Video: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Accolades T...:

@scamander Heh, very true about Kirby being less popular in Europe. In fact, I believe Epic Yarn was my first Kirby game too, that or the NES one. Yeah, I'm pretty patient for this to come along and gosh, does it look like a beaut - you guys weren't kidding! Makes me pumped for more claymation for Wii U i.e. Armikrog! (Project zero needs to come here - debating on buying the 1st and 3rd, but alas - money).



Liam1894 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Bring Trauma Team to UK!!!! All I ask for...other than Fragile Dreams and Project Zero 4 nudge nudge wink wink aaaand, I doubt it, but that lost magic sequel (fat chance). But mainly, trauma team. Just do what you did with SMT IV atlus! My apologies to my close EU countries.

Can't wait for Prime Trilogy next week, but these £9 introductory prices are gonna blow my wallet to pieces...