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Weirdness: Pokémon Cards Tell A Story of Family

Posted by Conor McMahon

I've something in my eye...

The Pokémon series practically glows with nostalgia and childhood memories for many of us, and Nintendo seems determined to find new ways to break through the cold, callous, adult exteriors of some to appeal to that sentiment again. With this surprisingly emotive trio of cards it may have done just that, so rest assured that it's totally okay to cry just a little bit.

This three-card set is included in a recent expansion to the trading card game titled Legendary Treasures, which hit Western shores on 6th November this year. It details not only starter Pokémon Tepig's evolution, but the growth and journey of its surrounding family as well. It's a uniquely human touch, telling the story of a young boy's first Pokémon and ending with a few new additions to the family portrait.

The latest additions to the series, Pokémon X & Y, definitely had more of a focus on building friendship between you and your team, finally letting you spend some quality time with them thanks to Pokémon-Amie, so it's fair to say that our heartstrings are being firmly tugged by this point. Some may even mirror the story in their own lives, and are now introducing the series to a whole new generation in their family. The way the Emboar looks protectively down on the reaching hand of its trainer's young child is enough to get us downright sentimental, and we never thought a Pokémon card could do that.

It's always nice to see the Universe expanded upon outside of the arena, showing that a giant, fire-breathing pig can still be just as much of a friend as a warrior. Whether it's a one-off or we end up seeing this narrative technique used again, write us a tear-stained comment below to share your opinion.


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WingedSnagret said:

Kinda reminds me of our real world pets. At least one of my parrots will still be with me when I get married and have kids, and I've him had since I myself was little.

Dang dust keeps getting in my eyes...



DarkKirby said:

How many years did it take them to evolve their Tepig?!

But really that's a really sweet set of pictures.



KTT said:

I think I've seen the set before. I also liked those few cards with a story of Trubbish and Manaphy. And the those with two Natus and Boufalant.



KKSlider said:

Pokemon hits me right in the kicker... I will be crying for the rest of tonight.... I remember when I caught my first Caterpie, I thought we would stay together forever....



Darkness3131 said:

That really goes to show how influential Pokemon can be. I remember my first Pokemon game and how I used to yell out all the commands and talk to my Pokemon. You can really grow attached



AlbertoC said:

Wow. What i really like about Nintendo is that even when they are a company and their goal is to make a profit, they frequently aknowledge their customer base as people and not just money cows. And what an original idea: a narrative contained in three different pokemon cards.

I might get those cards just by what they symbolize.



KiwiPanda said:

I saw these on Serebii a few weeks ago, as well. It's a nice touch~ I found on Serebii just a minute ago that the artist's name is Konako Eo, whom helped with designs (characters, Pokemon, etc.) from the RSE era to HG/SS although she clearly still illustrates cards. Her TCG style is more cutesy and this is definitely her most outdone set of cards![0]=44&page=1
^^link to all of her cards if anyone cares.
(Don't know why I'm so interested in this...)

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