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Video: Inazuma Eleven 3 Trailer Shoots For Craziness

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

When simply kicking a ball isn't enough

Last week we shared some quirky Inazuma Eleven 3 trailers, which aimed to show how football would work if it included just some of the crazy moves typical in the franchise. They were a bit of fun, but in the latest trailer released by Nintendo it's all about showing off what the title's all about, including its bonkers special moves.

With a storyline centering around the National team and some funky-looking locations, this trailer does a good job of setting the scene. Fireballs are launched, and we're particularly keen to see what the "Samba" special moves are all about.

This title arrives in Europe on 27th September, so check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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Peach64 said:

Launching the same day as FIFA? Do NoE hate this series? Europe loves Layton and loves football, this should be an easy sell but they could be about to screw it up a third time in a row.



Windy said:

I know we sure don't want something which looks that fun in North America



tudsworth said:

@Windy The mention of football that isn't about guys in padded clothes would cause the entirety of the US to riot. Reggie's withholding these games for your own good!



Shiryu said:

I really got into the original anime last year and even played the original DS game, but the English voices really annoy me, got used to the original Japanese voices. Would love to see this 3DS game come out over here with dual audio... will keep an eye out for this.



flummerfelt said:

I would play the hell out of this. Too bad the USA doesn't care about these games... :/



Frank90 said:

Let me guess will not come to USA right?
Oh man sucks to be an ameircan (brazilian), when you're a Nintendo fan.



Melkaticox said:

@Windy Or, you know, latin america, where actual football is the most famous sport in pretty much every single country.



ShanaUnite said:

Is there some unwritten rule that they have to change every characters name in the translation? I can understand for the japanese names but why even the names of the aliens and of all the people that arent japanese? seems unnecessary



Gen0neD said:

Good God! This game isnt coming to NA?! This would be the 1st soccer game I'd ever buy. Dammit! Not even an eshop release..? (sigh)



ShinRPGGamer said:

Oh look a Football game (refuse to say soccer inspite of what my Canadian breathen will say) that won't be coming to the Americas becuase it's like Tingle over here. Hated and prevents those who are interested on a football RPG because region lock rears over it's ugly head.



ichigo62 said:

yeah, KEEP UP WITH YOUR BULLpoopiedoodledoggiedoo REGION LOCK NINTENDO ... Sony can do it, Xbox can do it ...why u cant ??? pfff, all my favorites games are not gonna be released in NA.

PS: dont try to flame me here, i ve been buying so many imported japanese 3ds games, eventho i dont freakin understand the language like at all, so you see how much my love for nintendo ??

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