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Additional Minigames Confirmed for Spin The Bottle: Bumpie's Party

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Put Your Hat On, Act Like An Animal, and Don’t Laugh

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is undoubtedly one of the quirkiest games on Wii U, incorporating the Wii Remotes in unique ways alongside the GamePad screen. It's also a title set to incorporate a unique pay structure, where early adopters get more content for less money, whereas those that buy the game after updates will pay a little more.

That's due to the updates bringing additional minigames to the party, and KnapNok Games has now issued a teaser trailer for the first batch — they're called Put Your Hat On, Act Like An Animal, and Don’t Laugh. These will be appearing at the IndieCade festival in Los Angeles, which is running from 3rd-6th October.

Ahead of the new games being playable at that event, the developer's released a teaser trailer, which in typical style for the studio is rather off-the-wall. Check it out below.

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shaneoh said:

So australians are going to get slugged even more for this game because it still isn't out here yet



jmularczyk said:

I can't get my kids to play this game. my 7 year old says the game is stupid. I can't disagree with him.



SKTTR said:

i'm not sure but either this is not a kids game, or maybe you should give him a drink.



FiveDigitLP said:

I've debated back and forth on whether or not I want to get this. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but neither I nor my friends are the types to get drunk and just lose our inhibitions, so some of the up-close-and-personal games might be a little awkward without that. I read somewhere, though, that you can go into the options and disable certain games. If that is the case, then that would certainly encourage me to get it. I just watched a "Let's Play" of it, and there were some pretty funny games.



shaneoh said:

Someone messaged them on their Facebook page about it, they are bringing it to Australia, however it is delayed atm



sillygostly said:

Yes, I can confirm that this game is coming to Australia. It was classified by the ACB (formerly OFLC) about a week ago.



Sean_Aaron said:

I had another go with my partner and daughter (age 10) and she thought it was enough fun to want another go. It's a nice diversion and goes well with another party game like Game & Wario. The use of remotes as game pieces or tokens (find the monkey was quite fun) by making use of the speakers is quite clever.

I find it more interesting than the virtual board games I've seen and it's a novel use of the Gamepad.

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