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Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party Confirmed For An August Release

Posted by Andy Green

It'll soon be spinning into the Wii U eShop

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party, the title that doesn't use your TV, will be available to download from the Wii U eShop on 8th August

It's is a collection of mini games that takes all your friends and has some of them work as a team in order to complete a set of physical challenges such as dancing and jumping about - all in the name of good-natured fun

The party game utilises both Wii remotes and the Wii U Gamepad and will be priced at €6.99 / $8.99.

Interestingly, KnapNok and Redgrim, the developers, are using a pricing scheme that sees it increase as new updates are added. This means those who pick it up early will get the best deal and will receive the extra content with no harm done to their eShop credit.

Will you be taking this for a spin on 8th August? Check out what's in store in the trailer below - the bearded man in the yellow sweater is our favourite - and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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ricklongo said:

I still have no grasp of what this game is about, so it's hard to comment. Still,I suspect I will be giving this a pass.



MercifulLemon7 said:

This game reminds me of Truth or Lies for the Wii, at least this game is not a full retail game. But still, a really bad idea to make these games.



fortius54 said:

As much as I applaud the fact that Nintendo was willing to push an indie developed game like this on the recent Nintendo Direct, I feel this game is destined to fail. I don't want any part of this, and I do not think many others will either.



dc_10 said:

I have plenty of drunk friends willing to make fools of themselves. I'm in.



Gioku said:

Yellow sweater man seems to be the least interested of them, lol!



b23cdq said:

The target groups are kids and drunk people. I think this has a lot of potential.



gefflt said:

I'm not even sure this qualifies as a video game. This looks like a complete joke and the worst thing ever.

Yes, ever.



ueI said:

It sounds fairly expensive for a game whose price will go up. I am still looking forward to the game and will possibly buy it.



onex said:

this reminds me a lot of Quelf, the strangest. board game. ever.

so I'd consider this a video-board-game..many fun possibilities! hopefully, they'll actually nail down the fun part..



sinalefa said:


So is this the trailer depicting the drunk people? That is all you see here.

That pricing scheme sounds interesting, as usually early adopters have to pay more. Who knows how often the updates will be, how big they will be and how much the increases in price will be as well. I hope they know how to balance all that.



Haxonberik said:

Just enough cash to buy it with the 5 dollar deluxe coupon. I'll pick it up if its good for laugh out loud multiplayer.



SCAR said:

Meh. I want games like this to do well(to an extent), but I don't find it very interesting to be honest.
I think that Wii Party U is the game that already did what these people are trying to do.



Ducutzu said:

Of course, this being a Danish game, it will not appeal to those who live their life in a very serious way.

I am really surprised about the price - at this price, it's a must for me.

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