Europe finally has its paws on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and now 3DS owners across the world are enjoying all the endless frolicking, bug catching and turnip buying the game has to offer.

To celebrate the release of the game in the UK a massive StreetPass event is being held in Manchester on Saturday 29th June by the appropriately named StreetPassManchester, which will feature an absolutely incredible amount of gaming.

Naturally, Animal Crossing: New Leaf takes centre stage but that doesn't mean other 3DS titles are being neglected. This event will give 3DS owners a great chance to hunt with others in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, climb the Thrill Tower in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and battle it out in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

There will even be competitions held - with some mysterious prizes we might add. First up there's some house judging and art competitions to be taken care of in Animal Crossing: New Leaf before moving on to the group's third Mario Kart 7 tournament of the year - the Flower Cup. Think you've got what it takes to stand on top of the podium?

It's being held at Manchester's premier gaming den the Kyoto Lounge - which is located on Grosvenor Street - between 11:30am and 4:30pm, although there's no stopping those dedicated gamers who want to stay on a little longer!

The Kyoto Lounge has a couple of big screens that will also be put to good use. One will be used for some epic fighting sessions in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is sure to be popular, while the other will play host to an all-day Nintendo Land multiplayer extravaganza! This is actually a fantastic opportunity for anyone who's been wanting to try out a Wii U and see what it's all about.

Nintendo added some downloadable content for StreetPass Mii Plaza this week so if you're looking for people to play along with, you won't find a better place! There will no doubt be a tonne of pink puzzle pieces on offer!

Will any of you guys be attending this event? Let us know how you get on if you do!