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Zumba Fitness World Party Is Dancing Awkwardly Towards Wii U And Wii This October

Posted by Damien McFerran

Burning blubber

Majesco has confirmed that the next instalment in its best-selling Zumba Fitness range will be hitting the Wii U and Wii this October.

With 40 new songs to get fit to and an "extraordinary" roster of celebrity Zumba instructors, Zumba Fitness World Party is a significant enhancement of what has gone before. On both Wii U and Wii, you'll also be able to take part in four-player dance-offs, assuming your living room is capable of withstanding the chaos.

Majesco has also released a teaser trailer and a "Brazil" trailer, both of which can be viewed below. The wearing of tight-fitting shorts is entirely optional before pressing play.

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User Comments (14)



Mahe said:

No picture of a lean female dancer for the news illustration? For shame.



rjejr said:

If they want to sell the WiiU they need to stop making Wii versions of this and Just Dance.



Mahe said:

@rjejr But the Wii versions sell. The Wii version of Just Dance 4 was the best selling version across all platforms.



Nintendojuenger said:

Zumba Fitness LLC has an aggressive trademark protection – It could be dangerous … ZombiU was yesterday, the fear returns – ZumbaU!



Ichiban said:

Everyone already owns thos game, they just dont know it. All you have to do is blast random music, and dance like a constipated parrot, and done: Zumba Fitness...You dont even need the expensive game or videos after all!

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