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Video: Super Mario Slug X - It's As Crazy As It Sounds

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Explosions, fireballs and madness

YouTube can be a funny, strange and at times silly place, and video game culture delivers some of its quirkiest videos as talented animators and directors mess around with gaming conventions. With such a prominent history in the industry, Nintendo naturally features in plenty of cameos and mash-ups, occasionally to brilliant effect.

The latest example we've come across is Super Mario Slug X, which takes the Nintendo mascot and imagines a scenario where he's the hero in a Metal Slug game, the classic Neo Geo series. Not content to stop at that, GameBill Studio has thrown in some other references to pick up, including Street Fighter, Dragon Ball and more besides that we'll admit we can't identify.

It's all done by taking existing pixels and game assets and fusing them together, and we think the effect is pretty darn entertaining.

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KeeperBvK said:

There are tons of Hokuto no Ken references in there. In case you are intersted in identifying some more.



RupeeClock said:

Did I just travel back in time to Newgrounds?
It's one thing to stick a video game character you like into a different universe, but it's another to make such a character wreck everything in sight Dragon Ball Z style.



HardToBe said:

Kind of a random thing to post. Tons of weird nonsensical videos like this out there

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