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Video: New Rayman Legends Wii U Stealth Stage Sneaks Into View

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Along with an epic boss fight

Although still a few months away from release, Ubisoft is continuing to build the hype for Rayman Legends, the former Wii U exclusive that'll now be gracing every current gaming system apart from the 3DS. It's still a release to look forward to on Wii U, however, as each new piece of footage seems to reinforce the perception that this could be an excellent platformer.

Since confirmation of the Vita version, some new previews and footage have emerged, with Official Nintendo Magazine having a spin on two new levels. The first video below is a Wii U-exclusive level called "The Deadly Lights", and shows off the light-based stealth elements to be found. The second video is the first glimpse of one of the promised Boss Levels, which involves a fight with a rather large mechanical dragon; these boss stages have supposedly been possible due to extra development time afforded by the game's delay.

You can check out both videos below, if you don't mind the levels being spoiled for you, so let us know what you think.

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garfreek said:

this game is a must buy! unbelievable that they're waiting for a september release, I'd buy it now,but I'll probably won't get it in sept. because of mario kart,mario-u and whatever else nintendo plans to put out this year!



b23cdq said:

@garfreek Blame microsoft. Their policy is that any game released on xbox cannot be released on any other platform first.
Of course, I would like to see Ubi give a big "love you" to ms and skip xbox, release on WiiU now, and on other platforms later, but that's not gonna happen.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It seems like whenever there's depressing news on this game, Ubisoft releases more awesome footage that restores my excitement for it! Can't wait to get it!



ULTRA-64 said:

Never played a rayman game before this somehow but the challenge app has got me hooked!!
Really love the visual style and gameplay, was origins on the Wii similar?? Might pick it up....




This is why I don't get the Rayman hate, did it suck at first that it got delayed yes but that doesn't mean this isn't still an awesome game tnat might I add we rarely see any platformers these days at all.

So can we plz stop unnecessary hate of Ubisoft and focus that energy on people who deserve it. "cough" "cough" EA "cough" "cough" Deep Silver "cough"



Big_L91 said:

@ULTRA-64 yeah mate, its well worth picking up. its really cheap now too, well it was as soon as it came out to be honest. one of the best platformers on wii, maybe even the best.
and if you like a good challenge the land of the livid dead ( the last sort of secret level ) is one of the best video game levels you will ever play, at least in my opinion.



Mollutje said:

@ULTRA-64 I agree with Big_L91. Origins is a great platformer, rather similar to Legends, but obviously lacking the razorsharp visuals.. because.. well.. Wii. The soundtrack is wonderful too! One of my favorite video game OSTs.



AJWolfTill said:

I'm so glad this game got delayed now because that was the single most inspired boss battle in a 2d platformer I have ever seen!
I will admit that when they promised 3d boss fights I did think they were going to do them ds zelda stlyle. I'm not complaining though, I'm almost certainly going to pick this up.



ThumperUK said:

I would have purchased this had it been launched when promised, simply because there was a drought in WiiU games. However by the time this comes out, I'll be too busy with Pikmin et al. Nothing to do with Ubisoft boycotting, just I'll have better games to play!



ULTRA-64 said:

@Mollutje @Big_L91 cheers guys, think I'll pick that up...weird I've never played it before. I love platformers with character but for some reason always saw this as a ps franchise I think, therefore dull. My mistake I guess?



garfreek said:

@b23cdq apparantly "love you" is a good substitute for F-you,
weird moderating decision! And It's starting to look like consumers are doing that towards the x-box at the moment, so maybe that attitude will change one day!



b23cdq said:

@garfreek Yeah, that kinda changed the meaning of my comment. It might have to do with what f*ck actually mean, making love.

One can only hope...



WaveGhoul said:

I hated Origins. I found it to be one of the most severely overrated, painfully boring and annoying platformers i've played in years. I'm willing to give Legends a chance because i'm curious about how the Gamepad will be used from an innovation standpoint, but i'm dreading the exact same(when playing as Rayman) experience all over again, but in this case with more visual pizazz and flash.

On the funky flip side, that boss 'graphically' looks outstanding. Yet it just doesn't look fun....Not to mention challenging. I don't know, i typically like my sidescrollers to feel quick, kinetic and to be of the none floaty variety, Origins was the complete opposite. The PS1 Rayman i found was far more charming, whimsical and fun. Different strokes!

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