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Mighty Switch Force 2 Development Moves Onto Testing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The sequel gets closer

Mighty Switch Force! is a standout title on the 3DS eShop, with WayForward successfully blending gorgeous pixel-based graphics with clever puzzle platforming. It was successful enough to prompt an enhanced re-release on Wii U, and solidified the Mighty series as one of the developer's best IPs; now the sequel is getting ever closer.

While the first title focuses on a switch mechanic where you manipulate blocks and obstacles to progress, Mighty Switch Force! 2 looks to be focused on action puzzling in the form of firefighting, with Officer Wagon rescuing Hooligan Sisters and the lost USBs (Ugly Secret Babies) in each level. Based on the quality of its predecessor, we imagine a few eShop enthusiasts are already looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

Originally planned for a Spring release, it looks like Mighty Switch Force 2 still has a chance of hitting that release window, with WayForward updating its blog to state that core development has been wrapped, with the project moving onto the testing phase.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a wrap! It's pencils down for the dev team. Next stop, testing, testing, and more testing. Poor Patty... not even cybernetic citizens of Planet Land can escape the wrath of final exams.

It's on a tight schedule, perhaps, to get through testing and Nintendo approval in what we'd naturally consider to be the Spring season, but maybe the project will douse any flames quickly to get it ready for release. We're certainly keen to play it sooner, rather than later, to see whether it lives up to the series' standards so far.


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Undead_terror said:

I really not to sure about the game, the first one was difficult, guess we will have to wait and see.
Also everyone thought babies were cute...little did everyone know that they were wearing masks...DADADAAAAAAAAAAAA.



Squiggle55 said:

Are we going to get to choose between 3DS and Wii U from the beginning this time? Either way I'll pick this up, but I what I really want is Shantae.



Dpullam said:

I hope this game receives the praise the first one had or even better.



ledreppe said:

Loved the original, but found the hyper levels on the Wii U version too difficult. I just hope the sequel on 3DS is the same difficulty as the 3DS original and not the Wii U hyper levels, then I'll be sold on it.



Capt_N said:

Maybe it's just my eyes, or the resolution of the 3ds, but is that Hooligan sister dressed up like Daisy Duke?

I'm saving my eShop money for this. I am almost done beating the original.



DudeSean said:

Why is every single human character in this series a white female with blonde hair?

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