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F-Zero Go Fast! Celebrates The Music Of Nintendo's Futuristic Racing Series

Posted by Damien McFerran

Shiryu's latest 4 EP series is racing to your ears this month

We're massive fans of Shiryu's music here at Nintendo Life, and his latest project has us very excited indeed, as it focuses on one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises.

F-Zero Go Fast is a 4 EP series which covers the entire history of the F-Zero lineage, from the SNES days right up to the GameCube.

A different EP will be released each week in May. Here's the full schedule:

VOLUME 1 - Age of SNES - May 8th
VOLUME 2 - Age of N64 - May 15th
VOLUME 3 - Age of GBA - May 22nd
VOLUME 4 - Age of GC - May 29th

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User Comments (31)



Shiryu said:

Hope you guys like it! I plan to compile all of them and throw in a few extra tracks for a big Xmas 2013 special edition album and who knows... by then Nintendo might have already announced a new "F-Zero"! (fingers crossed...)



Wildfire said:

As usual, I'll be downloading the 4 albums as fast as the Golden Fox!
Great message at the end!



erv said:

Ooo the gx music

I loved gx as a game and its music was perfection. Also, I used to have a few rocking tracks from f-zero x that I loved, but could never find anywhere. Looking forward to this.



Luffymcduck said:

The one I´m waiting most is remixes from GX. Great stuff!
Now all we need is a new F-Zero. On WiiU. Half of the F-Zero´s are on handhelds already and that kind of game works better on console that has as much power as possible (and WiiU is Nintendo´s most powerful console so...).



Shiryu said:

@Luffymcduck @erv Guys I don't want to disappoint you, the GX soundtrack is perfect in their original state, I had great difficulty on the "Main Title Theme" and it sounds terrible in some parts, but I decided to release it none the less. The "Age of GC" Ep is only 9 tracks long, but I think some of them will surprise you.

Truly I think "Age of GBA" is the best of all 4 EPs, I don't think many people remember just how awesome the OST of "Maximum Velocity" really is, I hope that EP will change that.

PS: Music playing in the trailer is from GBA EP "Bianca City 2013 Redux". Message to Nintendo is from N64 EP "The Chiptune Main Title".



vakama94 said:

Sounds awesome!, hopefully I can download this. Just one question @Shiryu is the Age of GBA going to include remixes of Climax and GP Legend? I agree that Máximum Velocity's songs are very good but what about the other 2 games?



Shiryu said:

@vakama94 Yes, there are 11 from Maximum velocity, 2 from GP Legends and 2 from Climax. There are only 2 original tracks in "GP Legend", so the 3rd EP has a remix of "Mist Flow" and "Lightning" in there. "Climax" has "Illusion" and the title theme. I skipped the other tracks because they are already arrangements of the SNES game. I'm really happy with how the 3rd EP turned out.



Stark_Nebula said:

I can't see Nintendo not making an F-Zero game on WiiU/3DS, especially with all the buzz F-Zero has been getting as of late. Can't wait to see what these remixes sound like.



Shiryu said:

@Stark_Nebula I've been waiting for a new home "F-Zero" for the past 10 years, and every year at e3, I die a little inside. Let us hope Nintendo stops the endless teasing and indeed goes for it full on.



Stark_Nebula said:

@Shiryu lol I'm lucky/unlucky as I "discovered" F-Zero almost a year ago now. I had played GPL for 4 years, but it didn't get me like GX did. I'll keep doing my "F-Zero awareness campaign" until we get another from Nintendo.
Fun fact: Phantom Road is actually Rainbow Road. Graphics can be found of it in F-Zero AX's ROM. I haven't had time to put it on AX's TCRF page yet, though.



Shiryu said:

@Stark_Nebula I have been following the discoveries Cosmo Courtney has been doing inside the "F-Zero GX" code, fascinating stuff that has been kept secret for the past decade. "GX" truly is my favourite game ever, but I have fond memories of the SNES one since it was my first F-Zero and my first SNES game.



Nintex said:

As F-zero is also one of my fav franchises ever, I will absolutely be downloading these epic tunes!



marck13 said:

I especially like the tunes with the e-guitar sounds! I'd like to get all the tracks though too



Shiryu said:

@mch If you meant the N64 OST, I'm sorry to report I switched every guitar in there by the NES soundchip... ~_^;



gojiguy said:

@Shiryu oh I wish... I wish so badly...

Glad to see people are working to keep the game alive, though. I still worship my copy of GX!



Shiryu said:

@gojiguy I often wonder if both Sega and Nintendo have any clue of what a master piece they created back in 2003... seems a life time ago, yet, that game isn't off my Wii disc tray for more than a couple of weeks. There are simply no two races alike!



Giygas_95 said:

@Shiryu Nice Maximum Velocity song, sir. I used to hate MV, but after I tried it again on my 3DS and got the hang of it...I LOVE IT!!! It's my second favorite behind GX.



Wintendo said:

...That... hi-hat... it hurts...

Anyways, nice job using the FL Studio presets



Shiryu said:

@Wintendo Sorry man, I always do something you should never do: I make and master with my headphones on. The hit hats sounds very nice to me, but I'm sure this is not the case for someone hearing on monitors. And you are mistaken, not a single FL Studio preset or instrument was used in any of the songs. Percussion is from a soundfont of both a TR-808 and TR-909 while all the bass, melodies, leads, arpeggios etc are made with Arturia's free Minimoog VSTi that they offered last year to celebrate Moog instruments 50th birthday. Everything else where Computer Music's studio freeware plugins (available every month on the magazines cover DVD). Hope you enjoy the rest of them upon release. =)

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