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C-Wars Developers Officially Approved for 3DS, Stretch Goal in Sight

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii U target needs a late surge

We've already told you a little bit about C-Wars, the pixel-based, roguelike tower defence mashup currently fundraising on kickstarter, with a positive being that the promising title has rather attainable stretch goals to make the leap from PC to 3DS and Wii U. One of those goals is definitely in sight as it approaches the finish line, even if the other is looking a little unlikely.

At the time of writing the C-Wars total is just shy of $60,000, with five days remaining to hit $65,535 and guarantee a 3DS release. For any potential investors unsure on taking a punt in the hope it will actually come to Nintendo's handheld, reassurance has arrived in the form of confirmation that the developer, Onipunks, is now officially authorised to work on the 3DS, so there'll be no unforeseen hurdles in that department. To celebrate the landmark the developer has tweaked its $60 'Catch 'em All' tier to include two versions of the game, with the choices of PC, 3DS and Android. To secure a 3DS download for less, the minimum investment needed is $15.

As for the Wii U stretch goal, that's still a little further away at $75,000, meaning the project would need a notable surge to get there before the end of its fundraising — that 3DS target seems well within reach, however.

To view more details on this project you can visit its Kickstarter page, and you can check out its pitch video below.


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Sjoerd said:

Got me there. There's always a late push with the Kickstarters I followed, so let's hope the same wil happen here!



LordJumpMad said:

Kinda looks like a mix of Advance Wars,Megaman BattleNetwork,and Lemmings.

If the game does become a hit, I'll wait for it to be in 3D models. I'm grown tired of pixel art games, just feels like a cop-out to not try so hard on graphic.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Thomas, why do you say investors? When you give money in kickstarter you are donating, not making aninvestment. To be the later th studios would have to share the benefits.



edhe said:

"The roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by level randomization, permanent death, and turn-based movement."[Wikipedia]

1) I haven't seen anything that suggests a game outside the Heroes of Might and Magic style battle system. Are the enemy loadouts supposed to be the random part?

2) It's not turn based. It's real time.

When I first heard about this game (on destructoid an hour ago), I saw the tag "roguelike" and was pretty excited. However, It looks more like Heroes of Might and Magic than anything else, but with a futuristic/zombie apocalypse theme and some interesting mechanics. I've seen the video and there isn't anything to suggest there is a world outside these battles so it can hardly be classed as a roguelike, let alone a subgenre of the RPG.

But like I said, I'm intrigued by the mechanics - I like how you can occupy squares and spawn various troops, and the bigger battles with multiple forces looks pretty hectic.



WiiLovePeace said:

Looks interesting, will wait for a review to determine if its down my alley if it receives a 3DS &/or Wii U release.



ThomasBW84 said:

@DarkCoolEdge I think if you make a donation you expect nothing back, whereas here you're paying money to help development of a game, with your return varying depending on how much you put in. I think with Kickstarter its suitably vague, though!



aaronsullivan said:

@ThomasBW84 The problem is in people's understanding of the word investment. It's true you get something for backing but investment suggests that there is a growth factor or a chance at greater rewards than promised.

I personally like to think of it as a risky way to support a project you have special interest in seeing completed that wouldn't find support through traditional ways. You are often helping someone realize a dream or passion project as well. It can be a great feeling but it's not a pre-order or a chance at monetary returns.



aaronsullivan said:

@LordJumpMad The cost and time would be greatly increased to create 3D models, especially for a game like this. Small development teams can't take the huge risks that larger firms can. I don't understand your use of the term cop-out in this case. It's the difference between a feasible project and having nothing at all in most cases.

Doesn't mean you have to like pixel art, of course. Also doesn't mean they wouldn't get more customers if they could pull off 3D models. It's just not in the cards for every developer getting started and its certainly not that important to the gameplay itself in a game like this.



SirQuincealot said:

@aaronsullivan i have no problem with "pixal art" but the character sprites for this game look lazy and unfinished, there no excuse for the ships to look so much nicer when they seem to play a much more minor part to the game



SirQuincealot said:

can u play as different armys or just the one they described i the video?

also they shouldnt compare to fallout or call of duty because they have simaler stories, the gameplay is not even remotely close and it seems like they added that to get a few more sales, im going to pass on this one only because i do not like how there trying to deceive there audience with there marketing



aaronsullivan said:

Well the game is unfinished, but I have to disagree with you on the pixel art which is very nicely animated and kind of unique looking, too. As for the "ships" looking nicer. I have no idea what you're talking about actually. There's a couple quick shots of "ships" but there is no disparity in quality between them and the rest. In fact, to my eye they look kind of boring compared to the battling characters.

I also don't find their marketing deceptive at all. Sure they did some name dropping because they are excited about the theme they chose and they are having a hard time classifying the game. But they showed a bunch of game footage and it's pretty clear the game that it is not a Call of Duty style FPS. Fallout, of course, started as a pixel art rpg and all of the games have a similar theme so it sort of helps in the description.

I do find it a little bit funny how concerned they are with compressing the assets. I don't really see the point on that one. I guess it would be nice to be small for 3DS. But that's not even a primary target.



BakaKnight said:

That trailer looks interesting for say the least O.O

I really liked the graphics and the gameplay concepts, althought the battles seemed so chaotic... but this wouldn't the first game I see whose gameplay is much harder to watch than to play XD

Hope the kickstarter will reach the 3DS goal and to hear again about this game here ^_^



Undead_terror said:

Im not sure if im interested but if you were to give $25 bucks to have dlc guns and camos, would that be on the 3ds?




For anyone unsure, It is investing. You give your money for something in return. It is not a donation.

Oh, and this game looks and sounds awesome!



HeatBombastic said:

I've been really looking forward to this game! I'll get it on my Wii U, and if it doesn't make it, I'll get it for my 3DS, and if that doesn't make it I'll get it some way or another.



FriedSquid said:

I've looked up and down their Kickstarter page, and I'm not interested in the slightest. It's just very uninteresting and the sprites as well look messy (hey if you're gonna do sprite-based games, do it right; these look cheap IMHO). But, I can see they have people who want it on 3DS, so I still hope it arrives. Not paying $15 though.



IAmNotWill said:

Awesome! I may go with the iOS version, seeing as the iPad touch screen is better suited for these type of games, but glad to know it's close to getting released on the 3DS.



Azikira said:

Already backing it at $15, which is enough for a copy on 3DS. To be honest, -THIS- is the kind of game that really benefits from stylus controls



TimeGuy said:

The target has been reached!

Now they're at $66,336. With just over two days left maybe just maybe they can reach the next stretch goal of Mercenary Mode.



aaronsullivan said:

@THENAMESNORM by that definition, I invested in an egg sandwich this morning. There's no sense in trying to simplify the definition of what a kick starter is or to weaken the connotations in the word investment. It has different sorts of values and different types of "returns" for different people and projects.



T1m1 said:

Today they just reached thier Wii U Target, looking forward to the official release which i got a feeling it will be next year.



TimeGuy said:

They've managed to reach $90,000 and achieve all of their stretch goals. I can't wait for this game.

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