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Video: The New Super Mario Busters - Featuring Sonic - Go Into Action

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

More cameos and insanity to enjoy

Earlier this year we posted a video called Super Mario Busters, which was a new creation from YouTube user James Farr. It combined a homage to the Ghostbusters movie with enough Nintendo game references to keep eagle-eyed viewers amused for a long time.

Now we have the sequel, The New Super Mario Busters 2, which picks up with the second movie, a couple of popular additions to Mario and Luigi's ghost bustin' team and a storyline somewhat similar to its source material. Once again it's slickly animated, completely wacky, funny and full of more gaming cameos to pick out. There are lots of them in there, with appearances from some huge Nintendo franchises and a timely dedication to the new 3DS game currently spooking out the sales charts.

Check out the video below — you really should — and see how many Nintendo references you can spot.

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Undead_terror said:

I saw someone I subscribed on youtube like this but didn't watch it, guess I will watch it now.



Captain_Balko said:

It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I love both Ghostbusters and everything Nintendo, so this was a life changing experience for me...



ThomasBW84 said:

@TerraBranflakes Because it's fun, it's a Sunday and life doesn't always have to be serious. Even though it's still technically a "news" article, we did set up the "Video" prefix for occasions like these, too



Weedy said:

Very good. I liked the addition of the Ganon train from Zelda: Spirit Tracks.



Rafie said:

I have to say that was pretty damn awesome!!! The amount of work that was put into that video was nothing short of phenomenal. I really felt as if I was watching a show on air. That was great! I subbed to the guy just for that alone!




This was a REALLY DAM GOOD follow-up to the last Mario take on the Ghostbusters cartoon back in the day. All the game references in there from Nintendo's past really to me shows a lot of respect, MOSTLY to some of the retro games. IMO, if someone ever wanted to present this OFFICIALLY to Nintendo and Miyamoto , I'm sure they can go along these lines and try to make a Mario anime for this day and age based off of this fun small video.



GumbyX84 said:

Better than the original. Not sure if anyone here know about it, but Jeff Farr (creator of this fun little series) actually made a mini-movie on one of the first video game characters ever, Pac-Man! You guys should watch it the guys work is amazing



Jewelarchon said:

@ThomasBW84 Thanks for replying to that because it gets old reading pretentious comments asking, "How is this news?" It is news simply because it may be something NEW that we may not have seen, yet. Thanks for sharing!



Capt_N said:

That was cool, though I kinda liked the 1st better. This has more references in it, though. He does some good work. It's appreciated when NLife posts stuff like this. It's a good read, & view.

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