Can you believe Power Rangers is 20 years old? Well it is, and as part of the anniversary celebrations there's a new show on Nickelodeon called Power Rangers Megaforce, which is now being morphed into a video game for the 3DS.

Namco Bandai has revealed Power Rangers Megaforce will be available in North and Latin America this fall.

It's been described as a side-scrolling, action game and allows you to take control of your favourite Rangers in the battle against the evil Warstar aliens. While you're playing, your other Ranger chums will appear to either give you a helping hand or to offer advice and with the tougher enemies you can even combine to form one of the many legendary Megazords.

Power Rangers Megaforce will use several features of the 3DS including the camera, which can be used to scan official Morpher Cards to power up within the game. Players can also take a picture of themselves and watch as the photo actively morphs into their favourite Megaforce Ranger, allowing them to take the fight to enemies with a more personal touch.

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