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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gathering Happening This Saturday in London

Posted by Andy Green

Don't leave your 3DS in the item box

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been available for a good month now and Wii U gamers from around the world have been meeting up online to track ferocious beasts down together.

Of course, many have picked up the 3DS version which means they can't nip online to fight with others. That hasn't stopped one bunch of dedicated monster hunters from finding companions though.

A Facebook group called MH3U London has been devised, which has been holding several meet ups in the UK capital giving people the chance to hunt together using their 3DS systems.

So far it's had a fantastic response and now has more than 70 blademasters and gunners within it - some of whom have ventured all the way from Reading.

The group is about to host its most exciting event yet and has reserved a couple of venues in the capital to house one big Monster Hunter gathering.

It'll be happening this Saturday (4th May) from 11am until 5pm at Loading Soho and MADD on Rupert Street near Piccadilly Circus, so if you're in the area you should definitely check it out. Even if you don't have a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate it's worth going to see the game in action. We imagine there's plenty of scope for other titles too though, so don't forget to take your other games!

According to the group there will be more events in the future to be held at the same venue, so don't be too disheartened if you're busy on Saturday.

Will you be heading to this event? Let us know of your adventures if you do attend!

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Harrison_Peter said:

I'm only in London for a few months at a time, and I don't have the game, but I just wanted to say this is awesome!



Marakuto said:

There was one a few weeks back in South London which I missed out on, so I'll go to participate in this one. I can't wait!



MH3ULDN said:

Hi Andy,

This is Hunter Rank G Amazing!!! Thank you so much for writing this article! Now even more hunters will know they are not alone and that there is a thriving community of hunters right here in London! Hunters,You are not alone, Join the Hunt! and a massive shout out to Azdin Costa (CerberusAzdin) who is one of the group admins! He has been amazing at promoting the group and really getting the word out!

Thank you, Hope to see you all this saturday!
Good Hunting

Jake Mackey (MH3ULDN Creator)



Nintex said:

wow thats absolutely amazing! I wish someone here in the southern united states would orchestrate such an event!



CerberusAzdin said:

Hi guys! Im one of the Group Admin. We have organised a few so far and things are getting better every week. We have a lot of support and getting a lot of people joining us. Please join our page and come to the event this Saturday.



MH3ULDN said:

@Nintex You should start one! If you need any info or help in figuring out how to get started me or any of the admins would be happy to help. Lets make the Hunter community Unite!



idork99 said:

This is awesome news! Makes me wish I had a dedicative group of hunters here in the US. As it is, I really don't know anyone who owns a 3DS in my immediate circle of friends let alone Monster Hunter. And I really do need the help now! I've been stuck on the same mission for days now! Anyhow, this is great news and sure to be a lot of fun! (jealous in a good way )



HelenBaby said:

The MH3U London are lovely chaps I must say!
Another, older-running group of 3DS fans can be found hanging out this Thursday, when they will be returning to, ironically, the same venue as MH3U ; Loading/MADD in Soho... if you're a 3DS fan you should definetly check it out! Details here :



DreaddJester said:

We started the Kansas City Monster Hunter's Guild here in the midwest at the begining of April. At only 9 members so far we're a far cry from the 70+ members of the London group but we are growing each week and have had some fun and successful meetups on weekly basis. We're also planning on some larger events down the road. If your in the KC area you should check us out:



MH3ULDN said:

@DreaddJester Maybe we can do an online "across the pond" hunt event between the two groups and record it? Good luck over there, keep promoting it and good hunting!



DreaddJester said:

Could certainly be fun to have an "across the pond" event. Thanks for the encouragement and we'll certainly stay in touch!



DreaddJester said:

I went ahead and added a link to your London Facebook Group to our site. We may not make it over to London much but it's good to know there's other groups out there and perhaps we can share ideas for events.

Also made a short news story about your group and your proposed joint event on our page.



Sakura said:

Will there be any streetpassing opportunities? I need Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem pink pieces. In Coventry so need a decent haul to make the journey worthwhile.



CerberusAzdin said:


You will definitely get streetpass hits!! Ive come across 30 pieces in one afternoon. The venue is perfect for gamers so if you can, come along^^



MH3ULDN said:

@DreaddJester Thats legendary! Nice one man, it would be so awesome if the global monster hunter community was connected and we all joined forces and not just for online hunts, but as a community too. Thanks for the support and let us know if theres anything we can do for you. Good luck in gathering your local hunters! MH3ULDN is currently at 104 members! So I want to see you guys catching up!

Good Hunting



Musharna said:

Don't live nearby, and can't teleport there on that day, but hope you guys have a good turnout now that nintendolife reported your event.

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