Konami has released a strategy portal for the recently released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate designed to be accessible both online and through the 3DS Internet Browser — to view on the 3DS visit http://future-press.com/mof/. Since the browser can be used while a game is running, the guide is sure to be a handy tool for anyone stuck in Dracula's castle.

According to Konami's press release, the strategy guide includes:

Map Guide: Shows each area of the game. For a spoiler-free experience, players can select which parts are revealed by toggling through each of the available upgrades. Useful map notes with progression, puzzle, and battle advice are also available, providing players with an edge in every tricky situation.

Bestiary: Provides concise strategies and useful data for every enemy. Learn about their attacks, strengths and weaknesses.

Upgrades: Details the sub-weapons and magic for each character and explains how to use them efficiently.

Skills & Combos: Allows players to master every move at their disposal and suggests a handful of combos for different types of situations.

The videos featured in the guide can be also be viewed soon on YouTube.

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[via future-press.com]