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Wii U Version Of Lords Of New York Could Be On The Cards

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kickstarter project adds Wii U eShop edition as a stretch goal

Poker-based adventure RPG Lords of New York could be coming to the Wii U eShop, assuming it meets its Kickstarter goal of $295,000. It has currently gained just over $11,000 at the time of writing, with 20 days remaining.

Here's the official description taken from the Kickstarter page:

Lords of New York is an adventure RPG game where you follow the story of one of three high stakes poker players as they pursue their life's ambitions and become one of New York's elite.

Each character has unique gameplay, end goals and poker style (cheating, intuition or statistics) all designed to support a compelling story arc. While the paths of their stories may cross, they are completely different, increasing the game's replayability.

An RPG adventure with a strong focus on card playing sounds interesting to us — but will it convince you to pledge some cash? Drop a comment to tell us what you think.


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LordessMeep said:

Well, this is new. It seems like a pretty interesting idea but I'm not the biggest fan of card games nor am I any good at them. I certainly won't be pitching in, but I'll keep my eye out for it.



Captain_Toad said:

Interesting concept and game play ideas....... unfortunately with those numbers it might not make it ......

(hopes to be proven wrong)



Ryno said:

The future of gaming belongs to Kickstarter projects I guess.



Mulder1617 said:

I know the guy who is trying to get this off the ground. His name is Menashe and he's an editor over at It looks like it could be an interesting game.



Mulder1617 said:

Correction on my last post. He was involved in helping suggest to the developer of the game that using the Wii U GamePad might be a pretty cool idea, etc. and is helping promote the Kickstarter campaign for the game.

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