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Video: Get Spooked by Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's "ScareScraper" Multiplayer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We want a polterpup

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's release is now around two weeks away for both North America and Europe, a long-awaited sequel to the GameCube launch title. As well as featuring an all-new adventure with the under-appreciated brother, it'll include local and online multiplayer, an extra mode that was kept under wraps for the majority of the title's development time.

While we're busy preparing our review to tell you exactly what we think, below is a video published last week by Nintendo of America that shows off the ScareScraper multiplayer mode. Three members of staff team up with a mystery online friend — guess who — and look through the options before giving a demo of the co-op play in practice.

In typical Nintendo style it looks like the kind of mode that's a lot more fun when in the same room with others, but nevertheless the inclusion of online play is welcome. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Late said:

Watched it the day it appeared in Youtube. Love the ending.
Really looking forward to this game. I hope at least one of my friends picks up this game so I can play with them.



roryscott said:

This game looks really good but I will wait for the review first to see if it will be a day one purchase



Dpullam said:

I am really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it turns out to be worth the wait. I have seen quite a few previews of this game and I have been very impressed with the variety of wacky gameplay it will offer. I'm stoked!



k8sMum said:

this is a day 1 purchase for me (well, on the 26th which is when i will have the money, lol). i will also be getting a copy for my 7yr old grandson so we can play together when he is here this summer. cannot wait for that!



Grodus said:

That ending was EPIC! And it's great that we can actually see all the modes now.



Dpishere said:

Stoked for this game! Loved the first game and this looks like to surpass it in every way imaginable!



Cygnus said:

Looks great. Can't wait. Single card means no star tracking or unlockables though

One thing that peeved me about this video: "I wonder who Luigi is? Yeah who names themselves Luigi?"

Hurrr durr the game isn't out how many people could possible have it?



Lalivero said:

@Cygnus That's what I was curious about the first time watching, haha. I was like 'who the hell is Luigi when those three are listed and the only ones in the room?'...Then came the ending. XD

@Void True Dat.

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