Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a notable part of the 3DS library for fans of rhythm-based games, as it combines some memorable music with solid, intuitive controls. For keen fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, meanwhile, it's probably one the most treasured titles in their collection.

The title also saw release on Apple's iOS service; despite having a lower price of admission, actually playing through and enjoying all of the music is actually a fair bit less expensive with the 3DS game, with the smartphone equivalent demanding more regular payments. Either way, the more you play, the more fantastic music — and gameplay challenge — you can enjoy.

If you're not a fan of tapping and swiping a stylus to music, or simply want to listen to the soundtracks whenever you like, Square Enix has today released four albums containing the music from the game. They're divided up by the title's different challenges modes: Event (EMS), Field (FMS), Battle (BMS) and Chaos Shrine variants. Simply searching for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy on your regional iTunes should bring them up, with the current cost of $8.97 in the US, and £7.67 in the UK (the Chaos Shrine album is £7.99).

As anyone who knows the game can say, this ultimately represents a "best of" collection of Final Fantasy soundtracks from number 1 to 13 in the series. Certainly worth considering, though if you like the sound of it and don't yet own the 3DS game, that's something that may be worth changing in the near future.

Are any of you interested in picking up these soundtracks?