Publishing behemoth Electronic Arts certainly has a fair amount of sports franchises under its belt. It seems the company hasn't reached the last notch just yet though, as chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has suggested it could take on a couple more franchises.

During the recent Wedbush Technology Conference, Jorgensen said EA's biggest opportunities continue to be the FIFA and Battlefield franchises, alongside its plethora of core sports brands like Madden, NCAA, NHL, and NBA. However he went on to say there were "possibly a couple of new sports franchises" to add to them.

This sparked off a few rumours as to what EA is thinking of adding to its already plentiful repertoire. Many thought the company could be looking to bring back baseball, since Take-Two's licensing agreement with Major League Baseball has now expired.

Well it appears this is unlikely, as an EA representative has since told Polygon that Jorgensen was referring to UFC, which the company announced its acquisition of during last year's E3 presentation. We're not sure why he couldn't have just said UFC, but there you go.

Of course speculation will still exist; if EA was to kick-off a new sports franchise what would you like to see? Baseball? Archery? Sumo wrestling? Let us know in the comments section below.