This is going to be a big year for Pokémon, with the series making the big leap over to the 3DS in October with Pokémon X & Y. The new iteration is set to be a complete overhaul of what we're used to, with it evolving into a fully 3D environment rather than the fixed overhead viewpoint.

In order to help people keep up with the news, Future Publishing, which already publishes a large range of magazines for multiple games consoles, is teaming up with The Pokémon Company to launch an Official Pokémon Magazine in the UK this month.

Heather Dalgleish from The Pokémon Company International said she was delighted about the collaboration with Future:

Their extensive reach in the market ensures that the Official Pokémon Magazine can be enjoyed by Pokémon fans across the United Kingdom.

Future's Lee Nutter shared his delight, saying he was excited about being given the opportunity to publish an official magazine that will solely focus on the Pokémon brand:

Pokémon has never been bigger and more relevant than it is today and the magazine will serve as the voice for its UK audience.

The Official Pokémon Magazine will be released on a four-weekly basis, providing 13 issues in a year. There'll be a free Pokémon-themed gift in each issue, which will certainly be a nice little incentive to pick up a copy.

Will any of you UK-based Pokémaniacs out there be delving into this magazine when it launches later in the month? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.