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Erutan Beautifully Sings 'The Hunter's Mark' in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer

Posted by Andy Green

Capcom developed the special trailer just for her

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has finally emerged in the West and to celebrate the release Capcom has conjured up a new trailer which features well-known performer Erutan softly sing along with the game's theme.

Erutan - whose real name is Kate Covington - has been playing music since she was one and a half and was accepted as a member of Disney's Young Musician's Symphony Orchestra. She sent Capcom her version of 'The Hunter's Mark' and the company loved the song so much it made a special trailer for it.

As a composer, Erutan was inspired by the soundtracks of RPGs like Final Fantasy, Chrono Chross and Chrono Trigger and had the ambition to become a video game composer. After a while she began to sing and since then has performed various fan-versions of video game soundtracks on her YouTube channel. She is influenced by Celtic and medieval music, which she got into when she was 15 years old.

We think you'll all agree she has a beautiful voice. Have a listen to the soothing trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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AyeHaley said:

Beautiful experience, beautiful games, beautiful trailer, beautiful voice and beautiful song! TY Capcom, oh how I love you again. *MH addicted.



GreenSpleen said:

Who the heck is erutan? She may be well known in the uk but the us has never heard of her



jayblue said:

im from uk ive never heard of her,very good song mixed well with trailer.



Icefreak45 said:

I've never heard of the singer but her singing was simply beautiful. Very nice vid Capcom.



Highlar said:

I am actually a bit scared to say that Capcom is becoming one of my favorite devs/publishers again. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a great game and Capcom is obviously listening to fans of the series about it. Ducktales and D&D games both in the works. MH4 lurking off on the horizon. Possibly a new Mega Man games in the works. And promises of further Nintendo support??? I'm not sure how Capcom has turned things around but they are doing it for me!!!

As for this trailor, it is beautifully well done. It does a great job of capturing the heart and spirit of the MH series.



GreenDream said:

AWESOME! Kate Covington is one of my favorite musical artists! She does more than sing, she also self-produces her own compositions and lyrics, and plays a wide variety of both complex and simple instruments. All of those instruments playing alongside the singing? That's all HER work. So it's inaccurate for Capcom to suggest that she only sang the lyrics. The song is PERFORMED by Erutan, NOT just sang by Erutan.

She tends to produce her own videos to match her work as well, so I would be remiss to not link her own channel's version of The Hunter's Mark:

Her video is also about 100 MB smaller than the Capcom video, so it's faster to download, convert to mp3, then put onto an SD card. It becomes about 6.41 MB in size after conversion. (Strangely enough, the Capcom video becomes 0.05 MB smaller than her video after both are converted... I don't notice a significant difference in aural quality, using headphones. Her audio is better for looping, since it doesn't have the silly bounce and roar at the end. She will eventually post an easy mp3 link on her channel.)

I think she does way better than all of the rubbish average singers who are on American TV these days. She proved to me that watching TV to find talent is pointless- one must look in lesser nooks and crannies of existence.

Her rendition of "Bonds of Sea and Fire", from Xenogears, was what hooked me! She also tug on my nostalgia heartstring with her Ronfaure Final Fantasy 11 Longfall remix!



AJWolfTill said:

I've been a fan of Erutan for awhile now, her covers of the final fantasy IX soundtrack are spectacular. Glad to see her getting some professional recognition!

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