Impressive stuff

Gunman Clive recently made quite an impact on the 3DS eShop, earning a positive review from us and bagging some decent sales.

You might assume however that the Nintendo version of the game trails its iOS and Android siblings quite badly - after all, the smartphone editions came out in April last year, and the 3DS version was only released in Europe on December 20th and North America on January 3rd.

However, the developer has revealed on NeoGAF that the eShop version has now outsold the iOS edition of the game. Android remains out in front by quite some distance, but it's still a pleasant surprise. Many people consider iOS to be the most popular digital platform for games right now, but it just goes to show that the bigger something becomes, the harder it is to get yourself noticed.

Sales of Gunman Clive across Android, iOS and 3DS eShop to date

Gunman Clive developer Bertil Hörberg also gave a few closing comments regarding the state of the portable download market as he sees it:

Obviously iOS is a much larger market and it might not be possible to become an overnight millionaire on the eShop, but for a small game with no marketing and little prerelease hype it does feel like the eShop is a healthier market, and while it's received some promotion from Nintendo it doesn't seem to be as reliant on it.

We'd guess that the healthy sales might have something to do with the high price of other 3DS eShop games, but it's certainly encouraging to see that the platform is providing developers with a profitable alternative to iOS and Android. Gunman Clive's success might also result in cheaper downloads on Nintendo's handheld - something that can only be a positive thing for all concerned.

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