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Frozenbyte Hopes To Release Trine 2 Update This Month

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The Australia and New Zealand release, too

Late last year Frozenbyte told us that an update for Trine 2: Director's Cut would arrive before the Holidays, providing improved graphics, Wii U Pro Controller support and voice chat. As the eagle-eyed among you undoubtedly noticed a while ago, that didn't happen.

The developer has now published a video that confirms that the update should be rolled out in the fourth week of January, while also revealing the happy news that the game will also be released in Australia and New Zealand at the same time. The delay, in both cases, was down to business slowing down as the festive season approached, and then submission hiccups in the New Year.

You can see the short update for yourself straight from Frozenbyte HQ, which looks a little bit cold.

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Sean_Aaron said:

Cool. I'm interested to know how voice is being implemented in the update, i.e., will I need new kit?



Shanksta said:

I already bought it, but yay I can use my Pro Controller soon! The Classic Controller Pro is fine but I'd like thumbsticks that are easier to aim in a side-scroller. Circles > Octagons.



castlezelda said:

First they said they will release an update, then they said they its not likely, and now they claim they might release an update this month. Make up your minds Frozenbyte. But all in all good for them to want to give us an update for Trine 2.



DrMonk said:

I appreciate them taking the time to let us know what's been happening. This was one of my most anticipated games so its been hard resisting region hopping to get it!



WiiLovePeace said:

I figured that they would wait to release it in Australia with the update, given it got classified on the 4th of December & still hadn't been released. Hence I gave in & bought it on the 30th of December because of the discount, I know its going to be on discount when it gets released in Australia but I couldn't wait any longer.



luminalace said:

Finally an Australian release date but I must say my excitement has subsided somewhat.



fluggy said:

Got it in UK. Great game but lack of controller pro compatibility, as with Mario u, is downright baffling/unacceptable. How can Nintendo release a new controller for their new system - then make it incompatible with Mario u. Hope a patch is released soon to allow support. Its just one of many shocking oversights ninety has made recently.



Taceus said:

YES! This was my most anticpated eShop game. It's going to be an all-nighter Thursday night



Schprocket said:

I'm a little like @luminalace in that I'm almost over it with the waiting - however after spitting the dummy and then watching the video, I guess I'm looking forward to it again

The only bugger is that I will be Wii U-less and working in Norway when this is released... so much nearer to FrozenByte than I am presently, yet still too far to visit in the time I have.

I don't suppose that there are any Ninty Life members living in Drammen who wouldn't mind sharing their console with a foreigner?

@Taceus, you got no time to play Trine 2... I expect you to be at least level 36 in Black Ops by the time I get back - LOL!!!



DePapier said:

Please, I want better Wiimote controls... This game HAS to be played with the Wiimote...

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