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Two More New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Challenge Packs Available In Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Mega mushrooms and moving platforms galore

New Super Mario Bros. U may be taking all the limelight at the moment, but it’s been revealed today that its portable cousin New Super Mario Bros. 2 will now receive two new DLC challenge packs in Japan.

The first is a three-star rated pack known as C Pack, or Challenge Pack #7, and sees you traverse through various fun levels including a volcano stage — there’s even a Mega Mushroom thrown in for good measure. The aim is to collect 10,000 coins.

The second pack, known as Challenge Pack #8, is even more tricky and has a rating of four stars. In this one Mario must ride several moving platforms while trying to get hold of 15,000 coins.

Both of these new packs will cost 200 Yen and are available to download immediately. There’s no news on a Western release yet, but they surely can’t be too far away.

Do these new challenge packs appeal to you?


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Zach777 said:

NSMB2 shop says today is the release day for U.S. probably after the Nintendo Direct...



RupeeClock said:

It should come to no surprise that these packs are already available in Europe, as they have been with all the previous Japan DLC launches.

#7 Coin Challenge Pack C
Difficulty 3/5
Rack up as many coins as you can!

#8 Platform Panic Pack
Difficulty 4/5
Hunt for coins, but don't fall off the platforms!

I'll be skipping these DLC packs since I've long since exhausted NSMB2 by maxing out the coin counter, I'll be more focused on NSMBU now which I'm finding to be the far better game.

Edit: Actually if you visit the shop at this moment it appears the option to purchase the packs are greyed out.
They will probably launch later in the day, after the Nintendo Direct Presentation.



Banker-Style said:

I have my million coins,and I'm happy with that,so I won't be getting any more packs,only if there's any more free ones.
But it's good to see Nintendo continuing releasing DLC for the game,how about some for Mario Kart 7?



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Whever I get NSMB2 and beat it.... that'll be a sorry day for my wallet. Or a poor prepaid card.



-KwB- said:

Damn .. why do they keep throwing us those DLC's !! I like them and will keep on buying them ! That's not positive for my wallet !



Sun said:

@-KwB- It's all about gold here with cheap and short content.
I don't mind about DLC but all regarding this game does not feel as nice as it should.



-KwB- said:

@Sun They should like not only give it in coin rush mode. I enjoy them less then when playing it without a minimal time limit. But that's the whole point of it of course ....



rjejr said:

These are listed as 2 player. I'm guessing both players need to purchase them? That hadn't dawned on me until now. Guess I can stick some eShop cards in their stockings to go w/ the games under the tree.



Tasuki said:

Not to big on DLC. I did however get the classic pack but only cause that was free.

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