New Super Mario Bros. U may be taking all the limelight at the moment, but it’s been revealed today that its portable cousin New Super Mario Bros. 2 will now receive two new DLC challenge packs in Japan.

The first is a three-star rated pack known as C Pack, or Challenge Pack #7, and sees you traverse through various fun levels including a volcano stage — there’s even a Mega Mushroom thrown in for good measure. The aim is to collect 10,000 coins.

The second pack, known as Challenge Pack #8, is even more tricky and has a rating of four stars. In this one Mario must ride several moving platforms while trying to get hold of 15,000 coins.

Both of these new packs will cost 200 Yen and are available to download immediately. There’s no news on a Western release yet, but they surely can’t be too far away.

Do these new challenge packs appeal to you?