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I am an Artist! Currently working on a game, or rather trying to. Wakawaka

Sun 6th Sep 2009

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Aloysius_Rexford commented on Review: Game Party Champions (Wii U):

Yeah, just from hearing the name I expected a crappy out come for this game.

  • Doesn't really matter for me though. The first game I played was Nintendo land and that sold it for me, I love the way the Wii u is handling so far. More titles like Nintendo land! Especially Donkey Kong's Crash Course please!


Aloysius_Rexford commented on Game Designer Says "Wii U Isn't Sure of Itself...:

This is interesting. I mean, it makes sense if you let yourself think about it.

  • Nintendo has always been courageous in almost all of there system. None of them really have looked similar in the slightest. Like, look at Xbox, and PS3 they have always had the same console design; never really reaching outside the box to see what else they can do. Unless that's PS3 "Move" or Xbox's "Kinect." But, even then those are just attachments. I don't know just a thought.
    Good read though.