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Nano Assault EX Blasting Onto The 3DS eShop Soon

Posted by Andy Green

Should be available before the new year

Nano Assault Neo is available in the Wii U eShop right now in North America — and will be in Europe on Wii U launch day — but there's also a portable release coming to the 3DS eShop that takes its cues from retail release Nano Assault. As Shin'en man Manfred Linzner described it to us, it's really Nano Assault 1.5.

This new downloadable version for the handheld, Nano Assault EX, features all of the 32 stages the original had but throws a Mission Mode, Survival Mode and a Boss Rush mode into the fray. The graphics have been updated and there's also support for the trusty Circle Pad Pro — all in all the game's been beefed up, to say the least.

It doesn't currently have a concrete release date, but according to Shin'en's official Twitter account the game should hopefully be available before the year is out:

Nano Assault EX should be available on the eShop in a few weeks, hopefully still in 2012.

We certainly enjoyed the Wii U title in this series, as we pointed out in our Nano Assault Neo review, so we're hoping this new version of the 3DS game will be just as much fun as its home console cousin.

Are you looking forward to downloading Nano Assault EX from the 3DS eShop?


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Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Xilef It's a different game altogether (same gameplay I'd assume). It's much closer to the retail release than the Wii U game as the article points out.



Sjoerd said:

Yay! It's practicly unplayable without a circle pad pro though.. This is one of the best dualstick shootemups



Nintendawg said:

"updated graphics"? Hmmm... the original already boasts some very impressive visuals. I'm hoping they'll release a patch for those of us who own last year's retail release. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.



tovare said:

Looking forward to this, it was on my wishlist but was never released in europe.



SCAR said:

I just bought the Wii U game yesterday(I couldn't wait for the Deluxe Digital Promo!), and my brother and I really enjoyed it playing 2 player. For sure purchase for me, especially since it's better than the retail version... For hardcore fans of leaderboards and beating personal high scores, I really recommend this series.



Henmii said:

So it's Nano assault with extra content! If the price is right, it would be awesome!!



rayword45 said:

The retail release had mission and boss rush mode.

Still, if this is low, I actually will consider updating once (Not 5 times for increasing prices, Nicalis)



TruenoGT said:

@SCAR392 No worries on the digital deluxe promo, according to the promo website, all games bought even before December are counted. "You will automatically earn points on any digital purchases you make on or after November 18th."



TruenoGT said:

Also, I'll totally get this if it's under $15. I already own the original and the Wii U version. They are both awesome, but the 3DS version would really benefit from CPP support (and inverted vertical controls please?).



SCAR said:

I know, but I still couldn't wait for my free $5 to be put in my funds, so now I'll have $8 from the promo instead of $5. They're just waiting for other regions to join the Wii U gaming fray, before adding more features that everyone is dissapointed aren't present yet. They can't cater to ONLY U.S., that just wouldn't be fair. haha... We already got the Wii U first, that should be enough for 'hardcore' gamers over here, until more updates add more functionality to the console that the whole world can use besides JUST U.S. I've interpretted releasing it in the U.S. as a test phase to see what exactly they need to improve on before release in other places. The U.S. is a Wii U guinea pig right now. haha.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm very excited about Nano Assault EX, maybe even more so than Nano Assault Neo, due to EX having double the amount of stages, the extra modes & online too. Hopefully it isn't double the price...



Dbc said:

Think i am going to get this on... looks like a good game to me.



Ispheria said:

well, the original game sold at $20 right? so i'm guessing if this game has all the stages that the original had plus more stuff, i think it's going to sell for more than the average eShop game. i hope not though, cause i'm looking forward to telling my friend to buy this so i can play on his 3ds lol and if i like it i'll download it on mine



Gullwing said:

I casually tweeted Shin'en thinking they wouldn't even bother replying but they did and it's already on Nintendolife. I ain't missing on this one. If it's under 15€ I'm getting it!

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