Nano Assault Neo is available in the Wii U eShop right now in North America — and will be in Europe on Wii U launch day — but there's also a portable release coming to the 3DS eShop that takes its cues from retail release Nano Assault. As Shin'en man Manfred Linzner described it to us, it's really Nano Assault 1.5.

This new downloadable version for the handheld, Nano Assault EX, features all of the 32 stages the original had but throws a Mission Mode, Survival Mode and a Boss Rush mode into the fray. The graphics have been updated and there's also support for the trusty Circle Pad Pro — all in all the game's been beefed up, to say the least.

It doesn't currently have a concrete release date, but according to Shin'en's official Twitter account the game should hopefully be available before the year is out:

Nano Assault EX should be available on the eShop in a few weeks, hopefully still in 2012.

We certainly enjoyed the Wii U title in this series, as we pointed out in our Nano Assault Neo review, so we're hoping this new version of the 3DS game will be just as much fun as its home console cousin.

Are you looking forward to downloading Nano Assault EX from the 3DS eShop?