A few months back Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid posted possibly the shortest blog post we'd ever seen, which simply showed an image of Mutant Mudds on a Wii U GamePad with the accompanying title "Mutant Mudds Deluxe". Obviously this indicated that the popular 3DS eShop title would be following in the footsteps of Mighty Switch Force, and making the move onto the Wii U eShop in some form.

We've heard little else since that miniature blog post, but Mr Watsham has since taken to Twitter to answer the clamouring fans who've been bombarding him with persistent questioning about the upcoming game.

Well, it's going to have even more unique content for a start! And, out Q1 2013.

So there you have it, Mutant Mudds Deluxe (if that is in fact the final name) will be available to download in the first quarter of 2013, making it a launch window title. The promise of more unique content is tantalising, and Watsham also alluded to possible Miiverse integration as well.

Mutant Mudds recently received some free DLC for the 3DS version, adding 20 new "Granny" levels. It seems likely that all of this content will make an appearance on the Wii U version — it is deluxe after all.

What do you all think? Excited at the prospect of playing Mutant Mudds on the GamePad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[via twitter.com]