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Limited Edition Hyrule Historia Restricted To Just 4000 Copies

Posted by Orla Madden

Save your Rupees for this one!

The Legend of Zelda fans will surely be eagerly awaiting Hyrule Historia, the gorgeous 272-page art book which will feature the official timeline and concept art from the famous series. Its publisher, Dark Horse Books, has now announced that it will be producing 4000 limited edition copies of the book; this edition will set you back $69.99.

The limited edition doesn't appear to contain additional content compared to the standard version, but is presented with a faux-leather hardcover that has a debossed symbol of the Gate of Time on the front; gold gilded pages are also included to top it all off.

This is bound to be tempting for a lot of Zelda fans, so if you're planning on picking this up you can head over to Amazon and sign up for an email alert when it becomes available for pre-order. With it being limited to 4000 copies, we can see this selling faster than a hot deal on Black Friday. If you miss out, however, the standard version is available for $34.99.


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ajcismo said:

I think the wife will probably have a spot on the couch for me in the garage if I purchase this book a third time.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Holy crap, I could go buy the first 5 zeldas on the Wii Shop for how much this costs. What's the difference between this one and the regular one?



Stuffgamer1 said:

$34.99, you say? Amazon is currently charging $19.43 for the regular edition. For that kind of stupid price difference, I'm just fine sticking with the cheap one.



KAHN said:

i ordered my standard edition months ago, and since there won't be any difference between the two, i'm fine with not paying an extra $30 for a leathery cover.



Doge said:

i may only order it for additional content, but the features dont bribe me



DarkLloyd said:

ugh i wonder how much this will cost lol i already know i can get it really cheap for the regular one in may be tempted to get that one and not have it opened keeping the value really high for the future



sinalefa said:

Forget it, for me it will be the normal edition. I am not paying $50 more for a fancier outside look. I better put that money towards NSMBU



FonistofCruxis said:

Not that I'm getting this but a different cover and gold painted pages is not enough to warrant the limited edition costing around $30 more than the standard edition.

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