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Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Rumble North American Release Date

Posted by Katy Ellis

Three extra days of Rabbid fun

Last week we reported that the Rabbids would be rumbling on to European 3DS consoles on 16th November. Today Ubisoft has confirmed that Rabbids Rumble will be launching on 13th November in North America, three days before it hits European shores.

Rabbids Rumble features over 100 crazy Rabbids to capture and collect, each with unique combat styles and abilities. For example we personally like the British Rabbid, named Busby, a member of the Royal Gwaaards who fights to protect the Queen of Bwaaah. However, the Pizza themed Rabbid (Spotz!) is also quite endearing.

The idea of the game is to train your own Rabbid to become an iron-fist fighter, in a test of strength and craziness - or something along those lines. Once you think your Rabbid is tough enough, you can challenge your friends to an intense yet hilarious one-on-one battle, or even battle unknown fighter Rabbids via StreetPass connectivity.

Ubisoft has also stated that Rabbids Rumble will implement SpotPass features, offering players a chance to download new and rare Rabbids every week.

Excited about the Rabbids' next outing? Make sure you check out the latest trailer, right here.

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GameLord08 said:


In all seriousness, though I'm not too interested, this does look nice. The utilisation of SpotPass is indeed an addictive plus.



atariman said:

sorry, I haven't commented in weeks!!!!!! anyway, this seems very intrusting, I don't think I want it though.



Firejonie said:

Might get it sometime. Sadly, a game like this will be overshadowed by the Wii U launch. Not to mention another Rabbids game comes out in the same month ( Rabbids Land), which is likely to be the more advertised game. Just for being on a home console that recently released,



Firejonie said:

Am I the only one wondering why Ubisoft is using the E3 2010 stock photos of the 3DS in their demo screenshots? ( the ones that have the matching color circle pads, instead of the final gray one).



Grodus said:

Looks cool! Although, having it right after Sticker Star, and just before the Wii U, will leave it foreshadowed by Nintendo goodies. It's too bad, too.



rjejr said:

@GameLord08 PokeRabbids.

Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Well that, and if this game came out on iOS the NL crew would be screaming about what a Pokemon rip-off it was and how "iOS gamez sukz ballz". OK, not the NL crew, just some of the commenters

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