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Rabbids have escaped from your cartridge all over your Nintendo 3DS and found their way into the real world.

You must collect them throughout 7 worlds full of mini games and bring the complete collection back, one battle at the time!

Key Features

Collect over 100 delirious Rabbids Capture and collect over a hundred Rabbids with unique and delirious combat abilities.
Train your collection of Rabbids to make them stronger and test them in battles.

Challenge your friends Play intense and hilarious 1v1 battles with your friends, mixing strategy and Rabbids’ humor.

The battle continues in the street
Share scores, gain training bonuses, unlock new Rabbids and items with other players you cross thanks to the “Street Pass” feature.

Complete your collection with “Spot Pass”
With new, rare Rabbids, downloadable every week on your Nintendo 3DS™, complete your collection thanks to the “Spot Pass” feature.

Experience the augmented Rabbidity Interact with the Rabbids in new mini-games that will make them surging from your floor, flying around you or fighting on your kitchen table!

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News: Rabbids Rumble Launch Trailer Fights For Attention

Rabbids Rumble Launch Trailer Fights For Attention

In case you missed out on your daily dose of crazy

Rabbids Rumble, the newest entry in the Raving Rabbids series, was released yesterday for the 3DS in North America, and is due out on November 16th in Europe. To kick off its launch, Ubisoft has released a launch trailer which should provide you with your daily (or weekly) dose of sheer insanity...

News: Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Rumble North American Release Date

Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Rumble North American Release Date

Three extra days of Rabbid fun

Last week we reported that the Rabbids would be rumbling on to European 3DS consoles on 16th November. Today Ubisoft has confirmed that Rabbids Rumble will be launching on 13th November in North America, three days before it hits European shores. Rabbids Rumble features over 100 crazy Rabbids to capture and collect,...

News: Rabbids Rumble Confirmed for 3DS

Rabbids Rumble Confirmed for 3DS

We knew it

A few weeks back we unearthed an age rating for Rabbids Rumble and Ubisoft gave us no comment. Now we know the game's real, as we have a press release and assets. Rabbids Rumble has minigames — of course — but also has a turns-based combat system that promises "intense battles mixing tactics with the Rabbid’s classic wackiness"...

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