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Here's That Batman Arkham City Video Walkthrough You Wanted

Posted by Shaan Joshi

See what Wii can do for U

Warner Bros. Montreal is in charge of developing Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, and they've released a video that shows off exactly how the Wii U GamePad will change the way you play.

While the core gameplay hasn't been altered, the touch screen and gyroscopic functionalities of the GamePad allow you to wield The Dark Knight's weapons and gadgets in entirely new ways.

Dual-analog getting a bit too old? Well, use the built-in gyro to control Batarang flight paths and scan the environment for clues. Want to get more hands-on with explosive gel? Use the touchscreen to lay it down and detonate them individually or all at once. While we're still unsure if all these new control schemes are optional or not, it looks like Warner Bros. is fully embracing the GamePad.

Will you be picking up Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition when it launches alongside the Wii U this November? If you're still unsure (or you want to see what the Wii U can do) check out the video below.

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Ryno said:

What happens when you scan Harley?

You know you were wondering the same thing.



dudey300 said:

Looks pretty decent! Would have considered this if I hadn't completed it on PS3.



Trikeboy said:

Does this game come with all the DLC on the disk? I only finished the Batman stuff on the PS3. I haven't been able to get the Catwoman or other DLC on it.



KneehighPark said:

@Trikeboy Yup. It comes with the Harley Quinn's Revenge single-player DLC, all the costumes from the previous versions, and some new modes if I am not mistaken.



manganimist said:

didnt this come out, like, A LONG TIME ago? the video, i mean. couldve swore it came out last month...



KneehighPark said:

@SkywardLink98 Ah, the new modes that the website mentioned are some slight gameplay tweaks. The Battled Armor Tech mode is essentially a meter that Batman uses. As he defeats more baddies, the meter builds up, and when full, he can dole out some serious damage.

Other than that, the DLC, and the WiiU gamepad features, I think everything else is the same.



sinalefa said:

It was not intentional, but I kept holding on the PS3 version and never got it. Could get it here, as it has all the DLC included.



KneehighPark said:

@sinalefa I highly recommend it. Arkham City was a great game, easily one of my favorites from last year. If you can, play Arkham Asylum



WolfRamHeart said:

I am strongly considering getting this. I could pick it up for my PS3 but I am interested in trying out the new features in the Armored Edition. Not sure if I will be getting it on launch day because I already have quite a few games on pre-order.



Chunky_Droid said:

I got to play this over the weekend, I liked it, would recommend it for people who haven't bought it, but I wouldn't buy it again, as I have it on PS3 already.



LittleKing said:

...I think I saw this months ago. I've seen it four times, now. This video almost dates back to when the game was revealed.



19Robb92 said:

Didn't like the original, won't like this one. And to be honest, I actually think the GamePad looks bothersome in this game for some reason. Doesn't feel like it's smoothly integrated.



LavaTwilight said:

Yeah the video isn't anything new, it was at E3 2012 if I'm not mistaken anyway. I'll definitely be buying this game though but I doubt it'll be a day 1 purchase for me. As it's a port from other systems, and was released earlier in the year in fact, I can see it getting relatively cheap very quickly. I'll pick it up then.



rjejr said:

The batarang looks like the Zelda flying bug and the clue scanner looks like Metroid so do we call this Zeltroid or Metra? Since Metra sounds like a protein drink mix I guess Zeltroid is the way to go.

Now I just hope Nintendo uses the graphical capabilities of the WiiU to make the next Zelda look this good rather than that horrible Skyward Sword blurry smeary mess. Not this dark though, I prefer a colorful world. Enslaved or Uncharted 2 would be better benchmarks.



Capt_N said:

@LavaTwilight: The same (video), as I recall. I really don't know if I'll get this, considering I may not even get a WU, ever. But, if I ever get a WU, I might look into this; @ least maybe rent it, or something to try it.

@19Robb92: The Gamepad does look to be cumbersome/poorly used, in this game, thus far. I'll be honest, & say, I'm not a big fan of the "Gamepad" right now, to be honest. I do like the name, though.

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