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GoldenEye 007 Designer Gives Amazingly In-Depth Post-Mortem On The Game

Posted by Damien McFerran

Martin Hollis talks about creating the perfect Bond game

Famed developer Martin Hollis may have gone on to other projects at the now-defunct Zoonami - creators of the WiiWare classic Bonsai Barber - but he started his career at Rare, where he worked on titles such as Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and - possibly most famously - GoldenEye 007.

Hollis recently gave an astonishingly in-depth post-mortem on the Nintendo 64 James Bond classic at GDC 2012, which can be watched on the official site.

It's over an hour long, but is absolutely essential viewing for anyone who is a fan of the game, or is interested in the wacky world of game development in general.


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ajcismo said:

Currently the worst travesty in gaming is the treatment of RARE N64 titles by MS and Big N.




Wow just watched it, it's so great to see and hear new information and anecdotes about one of mine and many others all time favourite games. I still hope for an HD re-master one day but it's so unlikely to happen.



grimbldoo said:

I swear I went super saiyan when I saw the new GoldenEye on the 360 with the subtitle "Reloaded"



bezerker99 said:

I watched it all. It was very interesting to hear about the production of a game I spent so much time playing in the late 90's.



16bitdave said:

Man that game was awesome. My brother and all my cousins and I would play that so much. I need to get a N64 again



Chunky_Droid said:

@ajcismo: I haven't seen the video so I'm not sure if you're referring to something in it, but what does Nintendo have to do with N64 Rare titles nowadays?



Gameday said:

KI ftw win also , god i wish they make that as a download for wii u or even xbox psn...

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