We suspect that anyone who's played Kid Icarus: Uprising with a pair of good headphones has listened to and enjoyed at least a few of the music tracks. It's possible to listen to snippets of sweeping orchestral music in the game itself, but it's a soundtrack that seems worthy of a serious listen when not distracted by blasting enemies off the screen.

If you're in Japan, that itch has already been scratched. Nintendo's homeland has had a single disc album available through Club Nintendo, compiling some of the best music from the game, and is now set to receive a complete three disc set: which we expect will be rather good.

While getting hold of one of these soundtracks has been practically impossible for anyone outside of Japan, Destructoid is reporting that CD Japan has stepped up and is offering it for export worldwide. The initial price of $45 for a three disc album may seem fairly reasonable, but shipping costs will add a fair amount and take the total bill to over $60.

If you're a Kid Icarus fanatic, this is the way to get hold of that lovely soundtrack when it's released next week; just make sure you save some pennies.

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