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Post-It Note Mario Has The Moves

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Only 7000 notes used

As Mario is, arguably, the biggest icon in video game history, it's little surprise that he's the subject of various fan-projects and videos. One new video, posted yesterday on YouTube by user FinalCutKing, apparently uses 7000 post-it notes — and a lot of patience — to create a stop-motion video that sees Mario platforming around an office, while Pac-Man is crushed by some tetris blocks: the ultimate cross-over.

Yes, at the start of the video the intrepid video-maker is playing a Mario mod, which we don't endorse, but this is some top-notch YouTube animation in the name of the moustachioed plumber, so we couldn't resist.

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WiiLovePeace said:

The guy not playing the real SMW makes this video fail Jokes. That was really awesome pretty random when pac-man came in though.



chewytapeworm said:

^And when the Tetris shapes fell down and squished him!

That was mildly entertaining. Thanks Thomas!



iroxursox said:

best sticky note, stop motion, Mario themed,pacman gets cruised,online flash game video



GoldenBanana said:

this video is a secret hint about two of the new chars to come in the next SSB ! NESMario with his Final Smash "Tetris Crush" or "Falling platforms", and PacMan with his obvious Final Smash about eating stuff =P Awesome vid, I can´t get tired of stop motion retro videos, they rock:



Phle said:

This is quite cool! And he also had a video where he was on a search for Pikachu and found one! I liked that one even more. Pika-chu!



Super-Mario-Fan said:

Cool! This is amazing. Ive actually made a 8-bit Mario made out of construction paper only this one looks better than mine.

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